Our Astrological New Year Is About To Go Off

Our Astrological New Year Is About To Go Off Podcast Episode
Our Astrological New Year Is About To Go Off

Podcast Episode Summary

Welcome to today’s podcast episode called ‘Our Astrological New Year Is About To Go Off’.  It’s true!  And it feels well-earned to say the least.  As of right now, we are in the building energy of expansion, imagination and divine connection, but it took some intense work to get here.  I’d like to deeply honor the soul shaking retrograde period that is in fact what has brought us to this rebirth in our personal power for all that is to come.  In today’s episode I share channeled messages and confirmation that what you just went through was deep, at times dire and an integral part of your new truth that you get to co-create from as we move into the upcoming life cycle and Astrological New Year.

Show Notes

Retrograde calibration
Shadow work
40-day nervous system reset
Surrender to the stillness
A kind of amnesia
Pisces New Moon
Ascension Opportunity

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