A Pisces New Moon with New Hope and A New You

Pisces New Moon

Happy Pisces New Moon on Wednesday, March 2nd at 9:35 am PST!

Happy New Years Eve!  Yes, the energy that we are always searching for in January and tends to miss the mark is coming in droves with this great time of rebirth.  It’s a time for your renewal, release and evolutionary rebuild. This calls for a celebration, even if it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

The theme of this New Moon is really in your faith of the gifts to come.  You may still be  reeling from the soul grinder of the past couple of months that kept coming back and coming back until you had nothing left.  Or so it seemed.  It wore you down, it weakened your sacrificial resolve to strip away the people, experiences, triggers and loops that just kept showing up.  

And  if you went there and opened to that abyss, you have been re-emerging with what could feel like unsteady legs. As you come back into the world the oncoming dreams, feelers and humbled heart spaces may take you a bit by surprise, but they are offering you the perfect opportunity to take your newly calibrated nervous system for a spin.  Make it your habitual reaction to eradicate your habitual reactions.  Let yourself flow in the clouds of letting go with ease.  Fully feel into the gift of an aligned Sun Moon and Jupiter with all that Pisces has to offer!

With the Pisces really giving us a go, we get a smidgen and a vision of what’s moon wisdom cosmos astrology coven membership community to come in April when the Jupiter Neptune conjunction hits.  So this is a gentle opportunity to plant some big creation and inspirational seeds for even bigger growth down the road.  We get to brush with the r-evolutionary leaps that come when our defenses are down, our soul is fresh and our mind stops the struggle.

Mars and Venus are in Capricorn (Pluto’s there, too) so capitalize on the solo strength in this transit.  As the dreamy potential and possibilities start to revel themselves, use this transit to solidify them in your life.  Ground them in.  Work them out.  Build in your personal divine power.  

Let’s not forget that all planets are direct.  Yep.  So forward we go, one foot in front of the other.  One heartbeat, then another.  One inspiration into another.  Your power is in your practice.  It’s the time to go all in.  To release the outcome.  Do it and just do it again.  The stakes are high.  The light is shining.  You hold the match and Jupiter is ready to fuel the fire.

New Moon Affirmation & Journal PromptI allow the discomfort of the unknown to flow through me as I release that which is holding me back in order to make room for the expansion of my infinite potential and personal power. 

Make sure to let us know below what your favorite New Moon ritual is!


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