It Takes 67 Days…

Did you know that it takes 67 days to disrupt limited and fear-based belief systems, especially with an intentional mediation practice??

DNA Light Code Activation MeditationI mean, it definitely makes sense since we, especially our subconscious minds, are wildly absorptive and take in messages every day all day long.  Not just through language, but through our biggest sensory system of all, our innate navigation system, our body consciousness.  ANNNNND our cells carry the emotional experiences of our lineage as well.  So we are opening, facing, unpacking and transforming deep messages that were being practiced by us before we even arrived here that became heavily practiced throughout our physical time here as!  Wow, really, how amazing is that??  Yes, we are so divine and powerful.  We are also amazing creatures of habit.  We practice beliefs every single day.  When we practice anything we get really really good at it.  The underlying subconscious and even conscious beliefs and thought patterns have been in a continual loop and deepening from our environments, our relationships, our culture and our worlds.  

Belief systems like


Affirmations for Alignment and Abundanceare a few biggies that come to mind right now.  These are belief systems that can keep us playing small in a life that was meant to be big, wait a second… HUGE!  Yes, we were meant to live from a place of creation energy, imagination and abundance (even while the chaos that goes down in humanity)!  The unfortunate reality is that most of us have been operating from a place of learned fear and that can lead to a disempowered experience in much of our journey here.

BUT.  Yes, there’s a BIG BUT.

We are made to heal.  Let me say it louder so your cells feel the vibration.  WE ARE MADE TO HEAL.  And that, my friends, is how powerful we are.

And I am about to share the key to transformative success right here, right now with YOU.  Ready?  Are you sitting down ready??

Conscious Intentional Practice.  A little something we might also call ritual.  In fact, no less than 67 days of it.  And wouldn’t you know it, after 67 days, your body craves it because now you have had enough time to feel real lasting (joyful and easeful) results. 

You’ve also now bucked the pesky immediate gratification message we’ve been sold through our systems and culture.  Living a well life is work, but that work becomes joy when you are fully living a well life that’s not based on external validation or gratification, it’s from an internal alignment and a profound evolution.
es?  Yes!

Cosmic Consciousness Guided MeditationOk, ok let’s cut to the chase.  I have created 3 powerful digital downloads for you to intentionally carve out space for, push play and repeat (no excuses) for 67 days.  Because believe me, I am here for the transformation you will experience.  It’s a guarantee.  I have piles of testimonials to agree.  Oh, and I’ve kept them wildly affordable because this is how important it is to me that we destroy this learned and limited culture of fear and sensationalism we’ve been sold.  I am here for you and for the full human experience that is available to us now more than ever.  This is an easy first step.  I’ve ensured it.

One last truth bomb for you….  You are your best healthcare.  You came in with innate medical wisdom.  It’s time we reawaken the profound powers that have always been inside of us.  When you are in alignment, balance and flow from a love frequency, you boost your immune system, you can contribute to changes in viral response, medication side effects, trauma response and so much more.  (Podcast to come very soon on this one). Nothing to lose, everything to gain.  So let’s go!

Click on the photos in this article to learn more about these powerful downloads!  The original music by Brandon Watts was created for dropping into a flow state easily and quickly.  To hear the audio clips directly head on over to Youtube here.

DNA Light Code Activation Meditation
Affirmations for Alignment and Abundance

Cosmic Consciousness Meditation

*Please note, all three tracks are included as bonuses in my quantum leaping digital course, Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course



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