The Virgo Full Moon is The Sovereign Self Reclamation We Didn’t Even Know Was Coming!

Virgo Full Moon Brings a Sovereign Strength in Beautiful Ways!Happy Virgo Full moon on 3/18/22 at 3:17 am EST! 

Yowza have we gotten some batshit curveballs in these past few weeks or what!?  Like the kind of big energy, big breaks and big shocks that may even threaten to take you back to the old, unhealed and sacrificial ways of living.  But… a big but!  Now you have a new default.  It’s called Sovereign Strength.  And ohhhhh does it feel good!  Cue the gratitude for getting to take your hard core alignment practice out for a spin.  It halts the ongoing wounding in our personal worlds, it quickly resurrects beautiful boundaries that answer the bat signal to deliberately remind you of all those hard-ass gut-wrenching courageous hours you have clocked in.  

So I ask you this…

What’s coming to a head? What are you ready to face?  Who’s offering the opportunity for you to stand in your deep pure sovereign strength?  Virgo is nothing if not practical, motivated and helpful.  This mutable sign takes some common sense action as long as it’s not feeling incapacitated.  And cue the Pisces because we have a whole lotta spiritual sauce to bring to this party.  

Pisces = get dreamy with your higher dimensional truth (it’s loud and proud right now, for reals, just take a peek in your dreams)

Virgo = get rid of any inefficiency, find the practical and effective route.  Do that.  Do that well.  And do it again.

full moon astrology lunar cycle energies guidanceNow is the time!  Purge what isn’t working from your dreams, your projects, your people and your life.  Use the energy of this exquisite integration to it’s fullest potential!  Discern and empower.  Innovate and surprise.  Choose and do.

The astrological new year is hot on our tails.  It’s ready.  Are you?  Because after the purge, comes the surge!

All planets direct!

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces once in a lifetime conjunction coming!

Virgo drive!

Full Moon power!

Bringing the earth energy of this Full Moon in with all dis Piscean energy is the exact assimilation that creates a solidification where dreams are made and worlds are created from.  No more drama, no more time sucks, no more no more.

This is your forward momentum, this is the ease to new choices, this is your health habit overhaul.  As you care for your vessel and you connect with what is really home, you live in trust, make bold moves and find your guiding light that’s been inside all along.  Serve yourself, fill your cup, release the weight, be sovereign strong.  And giddy up cuz we bout to go for a big ride…

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite Full Moon releasing ritual is!



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