An Aries New Moon of Permanent Impermanence, Radical Integrity and Boundless Potential!

Aries New Moon Astrology and Intuitive Forecast

Happy Aries New Moon at 2:24 am EST on April 1st, 2022!  And happy new you!

This Aries New Moon is the first big energy move into our astrological new year.  It’s a portal to a whole new trajectory… if you so choose.  It’s fresh, it’s excited and it’s raring to go.  As always, New Moons offer us the opportunity to plant new seeds, expand our creation energy and nurture fresh possibilities in our paths.  

Though let’s be real, this one is not without some deep introspection, shocking revelations and transformation invitations in our lives these past few weeks or months.  Maybe you’ve been in it, maybe you’ve witnessed it, maybe you’ve delivered it.  Control energy has been grasping at straws and unleashing its fury.  Humans have been losing their shit and you may have been navigating the aftermath.  The truth of the matter is that underbelly energy cannot be destroyed until it is surfaced, in ourselves, in our communities and in the world.

The good news?  Revelations, intentions and truths come quicker and louder.  There’s no more slow roll.  The acceleration of energy and light also means an acceleration of shadow and dark.  We get all the information.  No more lies.  No more masks.  The energy is out of the bag.  Now how do you react?  Or do you respond??

Is it with impermanence?  Integrity?  Cuz y’all, these are the messages coming through deeply in this new cycle of life.  Control is an illusion.  One that has been celebrated and revered in the imbalanced energy we’ve been reared.  It has fractured us, disconnected us, traumatized us and separated us.  It has created a heck of a lot more effort than we were ever intended to employ.  And it has left us bruised and battered.  

Aries New Moon Astrology ForecastWhat’s your integrity?  How do you practice it?  How do you live it?  Now is the time to rise up in your beliefs, stand in your truth and practice what you preach.  Period.  This will be your lifeblood, your lifeboat and your life’s light to guide you in the oncoming shifts.  The underbelly runs deep, but your innate abilities and powers have the potential to be exponentially stronger.  

So let’s radically revolutionize this cultural constraint right now.  All is impermanent, including these human vessels. We are made to change.  We excel at change.  Integrity is your guide, impermanence is your ease and evolution is your result. 

And this Aries New Moon is the door to your choice.  Do you release control, stop sacrificing parts of yourself and choose the path that does not hold you back, dim your light or ask you to stay small?  If you choose the familiar, the box, hold on because it’s about to get wildly uncomfortable in that space.  But if you choose your potential, your limitlessness, your light, be ready, because you’re about to be boundless, expansive and exquisitely accelerated in your new journey and vision!


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