This Libra Full Moon Wants You To Balance, Create and Intitiate!

libra full moon forecast astrology cosmos intuitive message

Happy Libra Full Moon on April 16, 2022 at 11:54 AM PST!

Balance – Creation -Initiation

This Full Moon is ripe with rebirthing and rebuilding power. 

It has such sweet energies and aspects to it that we can very much revel in what’s beginning to form and move and create with ease in our lives.  And I mean, let’s be real, this is after some very deep and intense work of the death that we allowed ourselves to move through in January, February AND March.  Yes you did and yes you can.  

There is a Cardinal T-square in Aries, Libra and Pluto with this full moon and that means big initiating energy. Along with the continuing activation of the Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces conjunction, as well as Venus in Pisces there are profound opportunities to create from your vortex and bring it into your reality with these Cardinal Energies.  They initiate, they begin, they move through the death of something and rebirth of the new.  And personally, I love that we have Pluto in the mix because if you have left any lower vibing energies from your recent retrograde excavation, we get to keep purging until we’ve resolved that karma completely.  This rebirth will be in higher dimensions and from your higher consciousness where there is no space for the limitations of the old self, our old paradigms or the old tired narratives.  So let that shit go and feel the expansion immediately draw you in!

libra full moon forecast astrology cosmos intuitive channelAnd hold on a minute because there are some very beautiful, soft and strong pulls back to the simplicity of the Earth, of us and of our experiences with Uranus and Mercury in Taurus, which creates a nice move into the first Eclipse season of the new year.  Nodal points that are right on time for the inner and outer death and rebirth that will elevate our abilities to affect deeper change through intention and energy, through purging and ascending, through being and embodying.

Use this dynamic space that brings in exactly what you need to find the harmony for upward momentum and movement.  Bring in the outliers and the misfits of your dreams.  They are trying to break through in your sleep, your daydreams and through the earth energy.  Go where your linear mind has never let you venture before!  Find your balance, feel the seeds of creation and go on and initiate!

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Let me know if you have questions!  


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