You Are Made To Heal with Dr Torrie

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode You Were Made To Heal with Dr. Torrie

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘You Are Made To Heal with Dr. Torrie’.  Yes you are!  And we are finally getting to the root of true, deep and expansive healing.  The massive evolutionary light and expansion we are undergoing personally, collectively and on the planet are a beautiful boost to what has always been inside of us.  And we are here for it.  Yes, friends, we are alive to witness and experience the miracles we were created to produce…when we heal the root.  What’s the root you ask.  The subconscious, the soul, the spirit, the trauma, the resistance, the belief systems, the cultural agendas. It’s not the symptoms. 

Humans like Dr Torrie are out here blazing this beautiful soul led trail for deep healing and transformative wellness.  We were meant to live well. We hold the power to create a reality where we thrive in these lives.  And it takes intention, it takes work and it takes a genuine desire.  Welcome to the path of being human.

Dr Torrie holistic health root cause heathcare evolutionary healthcareWe have been curated in limiting narratives and generational traumas that have separated our infinite light, our innate truth from our physical reality.  And guess what.  That is part of the human experience.  Dr Torrie has some big truth bombs and acceptance invitations that will shift your path to healing today.

Show Notes

True healing comes from aligning with your soul
The handcuffs of the underpromising model of health
Limiting our limitlessness
“At the end of the day, you are the healer.  I’m just here to help.”
Dr. Torrie’s evolution into holistic healthcare
Subconscious hacking for root cause excavation
Disempowerment through institutions and systems
The veil is being lifted
95% to 5%
Reframing the healing process and journey
Earliest memories in the womb, birth imprint
The real needle mover in the physical symptoms
David Hawkins rated the frequencies of emotional response on the physical plane
Welcome the darkness to allow the flow
A culture that has normalized resistance
Uncovering our superpower
The gut brain connection
Making food mindful
The butterfly effect in healing ourselves
The difference between education and knowledge
Symptoms as our North Star
Reframe pain
The path of healing pain
Limiting belief practices Dr Torrie and Lori incorporate IRL

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