A Taurus Solar Eclipse That Has Us At Hello!

Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology Cosmos New Earth AwakeningHappy Taurus Solar Eclipse on 4/30/22 at 1:29 pm PST!

What is about to be disrupted, shaken and stirred is the gift of an eclipse cuz ready or not, here it comes.  This one is an extra special surprise move forward and I have to say I feel like it’s gonna be a sweet one at that.  I mean, all this Pisces, Taurus and love energy is really swirling a softness that is rare and dang, we are ready.  We have definitely been primed to fully release the parts of ourselves that really (truly) just don’t resonate with our path (or certain people) anymore and haven’t for quite some time.  They are easier to spot now from the vantage point of a whole lotta hard work and a powerful reality from our body consciousness of what amplifies our evolution and what keeps us stuck…even if your control mind still tries to be top dog…your innate wisdom keeps coming back bigger, bolder and stronger e’ry single time.

Something that the fixed energy has in common with the culture is resistance to change.  Slow to roll.  Holding the habits.  Doubling down.  And friends, this eclipse is nothing if not an acceleration of epic proportions, but any resistance can be the dam to its flow.  Pay attention.  Jupiter will be right there to amplify your hesitant habit or expand your newfound courage.  No judging, no discerning, just more. So grab your curiosity hat because you’re going out for a new ride!  Get wildly jacked about the possibilities in the unknown, expect the unexpected and go quantum with this New Moon Eclipse.

Pluto becomes the frontrunner with the first retrograde station after a couple of months on the 29th and into this Solar Eclipse.  It’s a power squeeze.  In our systems, in ourselves.  And with this I ask, how can you use the power within to change the circumstances without?  Every intention, every vibration and every action encourages the next.

Taurus New Moon Jupiter Neptune Venus in Pisces Solar EclipseNow let’s finish strong in the ENORMITY of the harmony, higher activation and beauty of this energy soup, shall we?  Venus rules Tauras, which is the ruling planet of this Eclipse.  Uranus is in Taurus and Venus is in Pisces, along with Jupiter and Neptune and it really feels like this is the kick in the pants we need to work with the energies that have been pouring in all month long.  Maybe even the AHA that has been bubbling under the surface, waiting to breech.  In relationships, in money matters, in values, in the simplicity of everything that we need that is already here.  It’s go time.  It’s integration time.  It’s leveling up for embodied ascension time.  There’s incoming light, larger than life dreams, ascension abound and a call to you in it all.  How deep is your belief?  How lit is your alignment?  How high are you ready to fly?   

What are your New Moon Solar Eclipse rituals to drop in with this power? 
(I’m setting an alarm to check out the Jupiter and Venus conjunction fo sure!)

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