A Phoenix Rises with the Total Scorpio Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Power!

Total Scorpio Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse Energies and Power

Happy Blood Moon Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse on 5/15/22 at 9:13 pm PST!  What?!  Yes.  And what death are you (finally, absolutely) ready for?

This is our time to get wildly comfortable with the natural cycles of life and death all around us.  If fact, let’s remember that we are them!  From every night and morning, to every season, to every moon cycle, to every iteration or evolution of us that comes to pass!  This is our time to finally release our grip on that illusion of control in our lives that has been holding us back from our incredible potential.  This is a pivotal point for us personally and for the greater collective as well.

This nodal access this year is exactly what we need to unearth and transform the deepest blindspots, the corruption of our culture, the lifetimes of karma, our suppressed dreams and the innate truth of humanity, our souls, our sovereign power.  Sound big?  It is.  

Total Scorpio Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Energies and PowerThis Scorpio South Node creates cracks in the surface that come to light.  Exposure, like the flash of a light, can surprise us at first, but then sheds more light on the subject to gain a clearer view.  While Taurus in the North Node is calling us back to our roots, our simplicity, our very nature that is the divine guidance within us all.  The flow with it, the life from it, the expansion because of it.

This eclipse cycle is the culmination of how very far we’ve gone from our innate truth, which is nature, hand in hand with the chaotic destruction of what has taken us there.  So ps. get in alignment over and over again until you are so damn sovereign you are impenetrable to the forces that feed off of control.  But here’s the fun part.  When we dive into the Scorpio depths, the secrets hidden, the shadow buried, we uncover that truth that has been suppressed all along.  We are not adding anything in.  We are lightening ourselves up!  We are freeing all that was, all that is and all that will every be. We are learning to unlearn.  We are efforting less and adapting more.  We are riding the unfolding path of a birthright so bright, everyone’s gonna need shades!

Just so you know, control rears its head with Scorpio. And it is needed. Where is it coming from?  Who is trying to yield it? Is it bubbling up in you?  Where are you putting your energy?  Are you flowing with the currant or using unnecessary energy to dam it?  The waters of Scorpio are the kind that you have to CHOOSE to brave and ride their energy.  Have your reinforcement ready.

Total Scorpio Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Energies and PowerSaturn t- squaring the Sun and Moon makes this shift deliberate. And lasting. Jupiter in Aries begins a new 12-year cycle and the new reborn YOU!  This is where I defer to my 2022 energies of Inspired (and aligned) action.  Ride this fiery wave, friends, because it is setting you up for BIG things to come.  Mercury in Gemini retrograding is just enough to give you the pause that you need when bursting with momentum!  Yep, you heard that right.  This retrograde is quite possibly saving your ass and delivering the goods with a discernment Aries passion sometimes burns through.

It’s time to take action from your rediscovered sovereignty!  Rise like the Phoenix you are!  Death and rebirth! Repress no more!  Evolution awaits!


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