The Gemini New Moon Is Here To Lift You Up and Dust You Off After Eclipse Season!

Gemini New Moon energies in Astrology, Embodiment and New Earth Awakening

Happy Gemini New Moon at 4:30 am on 6/30/22!

This may be just what you’ve been waiting for after the zinger of that Scorpio Lunar Eclipse.  You know, the one that just hit us hard in the  ‘wtf just happened??’ pocket. 

Ok so ya, we are ready for some good stuff and easeful energies! Heck yes we are!  Yay!  Cuz this New Moon signals that eclipse portal closing (even though we’ll be working with the energies for the next 6 months…it’s a good thing for this collective…pinky swear promise)

In comes Gemini.  Laughter!  Have you been devouring all the new stand ups dropping hot lately??  I’ve been drawn to everything funny.  And thank the stars because we could really use the smiles and the healing that happens from them with this collective underbelly wearing us down.  And it’s the light that we build from the laughter that will continue to expose the shadow for quicker transformation.  It’s just hella hard in this ongoing exposure.

Remember, you are at your best creation energy in alignment, in clarity, in unity consciousness.  Oh, and we just happen to be right dab in the middle of the ultimate twin season.  Yep, Gemini for the win.  Here’s the good news.  When the low frequencies get revealed, we get big doses of our contrast and duality.  And even bigger opportunities to witness and rise, to honor and adapt.  When you hold space for the bigger picture and come from a higher vantage point, where love resides, we affect deeper change in our creation energy, our imagination, our flow.  Down in that ego-driven ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’, we come from defense, anger, fear and resistance.  

Gemini New Moon astrology, energies and intuitive messagesSo even if you feel stuck in the struggle, use these beautiful Gemini energies of curiosity to explore your blindspots.  Curiosity to wonder about others as well.  Curiosity to be open for all the possibilities instead of the polarized picture.

The mantra for Gemini is ‘I think.  So how bout we talk radical thinking.    How can we get wildly conscious in our thoughts when we’ve been trained to be repetitive, linear and limited by the conditioning around us that does exactly that!?  See above.  Curiosity is our greatest strength.  Kids could definitely show us a think or two about that.  So channel your inner child.  Get down with the smile therapy, let go of your rules, be open to all that you haven’t experienced, play for no reason, dance free, move in meditation and be wowed by the new thoughts that have nothing to do with your ‘thinking’ mind at all!

Oh, and give yourself a big dose of reflection over action as we finish out a potent Mercury Retrograde ride.  The energies they are a-growing! 

And just for a little extra spice to your salsa, Mars and Jupiter are coming in hot with Aries passion, initiation and flare.  So get ready to roll after a long period of fuzzy focus and few completions.  So now is the time to get down to brass tacks and big missions.

What intentions are you planting in this lighter and lovely New Moon energy? Share with us below!


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