Finding Your Freestyle with Transformational Rap Coach Kiyoshi

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Episode Finding Your Freestyle with Kiyoshi

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘Finding Your Freestyle with Transformational Rap Coach Kiyoshi’.  What a special, gentle, authentic soul Kiyoshi is!  Come and drop in with us to get your creative juices moving and excited.  We break down the disservice our culture has done by standards of perfection, of scarcity and of fear.  We revel in the joy, the ease and the importance of activating your inner child.  Kiyoshi drops some hot beats with us and shares what it took for him to overcome his fears and find his flow and freestyle in this world.  He uses his own personal experience to intuitively tap into his art as a teacher, a performer and a human.  We have been held back from our innate truth for far too long and Kiyoshi is here to support and guide you into the fun of unleashing your voice, your magic and ultimately your medicine into the world!

Show Notes

Live your life in your passion
What happens when you believe deeply in your own medicine
How we move into our innate nature with nature
Learning with fun as the driving force
Finding and nourishing your throat chakra
Public speaking and free style flow
Activate your inner child
How our birth traumas become expressed as adults
The cultural repression that starts young
Kiyoshi free styles for us!
Building up the fuck it muscle
Kiyoshi shares his roots
Practice taking risks, increase your experience
Owning the full human experience
How to live in embodied consciousness
Your intuition sends a yes
How Kiyoshi supports you in all of your uniqueness
A journey into self discovery that becomes a calling
Breaking the scarcity mindset as an artist
Intentional response vs habitual reaction
How we ceremony in our lives
The importance and value of feeling safe
We are born to express

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