A Sagittarius Supermoon To Aim Your Shot For The Galactic Upgrade

Sagittarius Supermoon astrology forecast new earth awakening

Happy Super Sagittarius Full Moon on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 7:52 AM EST!

This moon is a Supermoon, which means it is the closest the moon comes to the Earth in its elliptic orbit. Hello to EXTRA illumination on what we are leaving behind. Permanently. For sure for sure mmmmmk?  Cuz I know it’s easy to stay in the patterns. Heck, our neural pathways have formed from them. And they can be formed in all new ways.  So this is about your full rebirth after the chosen death. You choose. You decide. Do you resist and stay comfortable or ascend and take the new risks? 

It’s also the first Sagittarius Moon out of the Eclipse nodes in hot minute. How does it feel??  It feels right and I feel you Sag fire. Let’s. Do. This.  

Where are you aiming your arrow? For the truth?  Your truth or someone else’s?  Or maybe you are aiming your arrow at the old belief systems that are holding you back. You are feeling the claustrophobia of another’s need for you to create their comfort. Cuz you are ready, grasshopper. It’s time to recode the light after the Scorpio Eclipse shocks and reveals. And it’s time to let them fly free to rediscover how powerful you become without the grip of control.

And bonus. When you fully embrace and inhabit your innate truth to create deep limitless belief systems, even if it feels like you are starting from scratch, you offer an invitation for others to buck the norm, break free from the herd and find a new timeline or choice point that they never even allowed in before!

Sagittarius Supermoon Astrology forecast cosmos galactic energyWhen we tap out of mass unconsciousness and into sovereign truth we uplift a deliberate, cultivated collective consciousness in evolutionary potential over ‘how it’s always been done.’  We have been recoding our cells and upgrading our DNA, but you have to integrate the light and translate this transformation into this reality.  It takes courage, trust and going where you’ve never gone before.  Ok, let’s be real, where no humans have ever gone before.  We are making earthling history so if you are tuning in, shoot that shot.

This is the time to trust and leap, my friends. It’s the natural progression of energy after we unearth more shadow, after we illuminate the dark. Now comes the evolution. And you choose how high you are ready to ascend. Sagittarius wants you to broaden your limitless horizons, share your medicine as the Sage and expand all that you know as the student.

I’d be remiss to not mention one of the sweetest aspects of this Moon time. Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries and Mercury in Gemini. All three in their home signs. All three happy af. So we’ve got beauty, money, action and communication flowing and growing.  Love deeply on your fine self, more than you ‘think’ is possible, first and foremost.  Have some fun in your interactions, take life a little less seriously, activate your inner child of curiosity and wonder.  Walk barefoot on the earth, use your sight to get lost in the beauty around and let yourself open to new and easeful money makers.

If you’ve been heavy in the energy lately, move to something new.  When you continue to stay in the loop and hope for new results, you’ll continue to spin.  When you respond to the invitation with fresh energy, enthusiasm and innovation, you will reap the rewards.  We are being asked to be in full on creation mode and spiritual attunement for the biggest leap of our lives.  Aim high, get expansive and explore!

So go on and get your fine self all gussied up in energy for the big celestial event around the corner…the summer solstice portal activation.  We are having a galactic upgrade to recode our cells and restore our world.

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