Pleiadians Make Contact

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Episode Pleiadians Make Contact with Lori Reising
Pleiadians Make Contact

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts podcast episode, ‘Pleiadians Make Contact’.  It’s really our full debut as my cosmic channel continues to clear and deepen with all of my star guides, as well as the magnificent guidance of the Pleiadians, star beings that hail from the Pleiades star system, ancestors to many starseeds here on earth.  I have been nurturing my connection to them as a channel for some time now and they have decided that this time of the Solstice Stargate Portal is the time to kick it up a notch with me as an example of what is possible for you.  They have asked me to share their light language and their message with you.  Even though they were responding to my slight wavering of public release, they are also talking to you.  You who are starseeds, light workers.  You who are doing the spiritual work, living from love frequency, making aligned action your default, who know that it is through intentional presence that we make massive shift.  They are asking you to go big, share more and trust.  We never stop the spiritual path or evolving.  The fuel to this clarity is belief, deep guttural soul belief.  I hope that this episode inspires, excites and accelerates your alignment in beautiful new ways.  I trust that they will continue these direct messages as they are called.  I will continue to translate and channel as I always have and I will stay on souls mission to move into even deeper ascension for the full word for word transmissions as well.  Stay tuned!  I know I will!

Make sure to sign up for my FREE Clear Your Channel Mastermind below.  This workshop is the immediate result of the Pleiadians invitation for me to share more, go bigger and show the leaps.  As we learn to unlearn the conditioning, programming and continued scarcity narrative, we shed the blockages and resistance in our connection.  It is through this channel that we live in high frequency and receive the messages of creation energy, innovation and co-creation.  This is the true path toward deep, quick and lasting change as we move into The Golden Age.  They are revealing more through the starseeds so that we stop the battle and release the majesty.  So that we unequivocally understand how to activate and utilize our power.  So that we shift consciousness through belief, not through anger.  More to come…!

Show Notes

Time Stamp – Direct Pleiadian Channel Message 17.33
Time Stamp – Pleiadian Light Language Meditation 23.45
My Trust Fall
Summer Solstice Stargate Activation
Fear Frequency
Direct Message From The Pleiadians
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Pleiadian Light Language activation

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