A Cancer New Moon with A Kick Of Light Rebellion In The Right Direction!

Cancer New Moon Forecast in Astrology, Channeled Messages, Pleaidian Wisdom and Embodiment

Happy Cancer New Moon on 6/28/22 at 10:51 pm EST!

What a day, what an energy, what a new beginning!  That Solstice Stargate Portal changed the grid game, amiright!?!  The energy has ramped up, the star beings are hella active, the celestial phenomena are the real fireworks and Scorpio continues to do its job by illuminating the rot below.  (Gentle reminder, that which stays hidden cannot be eradicated by the light…)

This Cancer New Moon is a prime example of the new timeline and of what CAN BE to come, if we so choose. It’s a call to action. Yep, even in Cancer. Even in New Moon. The action is the IRL seeds of deep belief of unexpected ways to change.  If you do not believe it’s possible, it is not possible.  Everything in our world comes down to belief.  For real.  And we are finally, f.i.n.a.l.l.y., gettin it.  

And if you are doing your work, getting in alignment, you are sitting there on your magic carpet like a kid before Christmas.  Why?  Because you feel the change a coming, you hear the support coming in, you know deep in your bones that there is a new galacticallly-activated way.  If you are plugging in, boiling over and livid at the underbelly, this is gonna feel slow, painful and heartbreaking per usual.  

I have three words for you.  Black Moon Lilith, Eris, Jupiter.  Ok, 5 words, but if you know you know because these energies are ripe for the picking.  Rebellion for the underdog, warrior energy, behind the scenes, awareness, intentional with your action and expansion in that exact action so choose higher wisely, grasshopper.  

Then comes in the Neptune retrograde, which is about reviewing the possibilities in our dreams, the abilities in our alignment and the shift we are being called to make from a perceived reality to a limitless one!  This… all of this.  (The Pleiadians are exclamation pointing this one!)

This is rebellion in light.  This is the Cancer call to feeling, to nurturing, to mothering, to home.  With a spicy kick in the right direction.  From our hearts, not our heads.  We’ve been coming from our heads (control) for lifetimes.  It’s time to come from the power of our greatest asset that humans were gifted.  Our emotions, our flow, our receptivity, our heart space, our care, our LOOOOOOOVE.  

Cancer New Moon Astrology Forecast, Intuitive Messages, Pleiadian Wisdom, InspirationThis is the key.  But we can only find the lock when we all look together.  What gives anything power is not actually money, it’s not even weapons.  It’s belief.  The hard hitting, soul exploding belief inside of us.  And we have been so divided in our beliefs that the systems and their lackies wield the power.  Every side convincing.  No side truth telling.

If you don’t know yet you will very soon that it’s time to let the old ways go and the longer you continue to hold onto them, the longer it takes to rebuild.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, we will continue to hold the light lines and do our work.  We are strong, we are unwavering and we are magic, but us with you can be quantum.  We are in an era of innovation and creation.  Not from the past or what we know.  From new, from possibility, from light.

Do something new. Totally completely new. Out-of-your-box new cuz IF we keep responding in the same linear control mind ways, from the past, from fear, from scarcity, from perceived security, we 

a. do not get any practice in our new multi-sensory abilities. 

b. we stay in patterns that are pretty dang strong and we continue the never ending “battle” 

c. we miss out on the majesty of our infinite light, manifestation and creation of a world that lives from and in the true abundance that it is.

I, for one, will be sleeping under the celestial power and new moonlight tonight, heart open, acceleration on and ready for the magic.  How about you?  What will you do new today?  Share with us in the comments below!



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