A Capricorn Full Supermoon of Divine Redirection In Wonderful Ways!

Capricorn Full Supermoon Astrology and Energy Forecast

Happy Capricorn Full Supermoon on 7/13/22 at 11:37 am PST!

Holy goat, there’s a lot breaking through in this tectonic plate shifting Capricorn Full Supermoon power.  And this comes on the heels of the second Pluto return in the USA on July 12th.  We will be feeling some reverberation from what cracks open on this second phase of death for rebirth!

Let’s get down to the brass tacks like Capricorns do.  I have been trying to get this forecast written, a video recorded and my newsletter out…for days.  And I keep floating away, time keeps racing by.  With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, we are looming in the feelings of life.  Moving through and reemerging as the emotional powerhouses we came to be.

So if you are tapping in, you may be feeling repelled by the energy of the airwaves, a lil sensitive, physically tired, unsolicited tears flowing and slower responses in your inbox.  Everything is amplified and intensified in the ways of earth energy that we’ve always known deep inside.  The fire under the waters of Cancer are bringing a big confidence in our receptivity and intuition.  Which is where the goods are.   As the scales tip away from the systems that continue to try to exert their power and toward the new earth beliefs in aligned and innate wisdom, we feel the transition in our bones.  Once we move beyond the scarcity resistance in unplugging online and reconnecting with our human truth, we create big space for the psychic spaces that are ready to go boom.

How do we use the high vibe of Capricorn’s structure?  By shifting our focus and beliefs to hold new boundless resurrections of light, of expansion and of fluidity as our new foundation.  The new confidence in the Cancer emotionality is the fuel to foundation flip extravaganza (cuz it’s no small feat for a Capricorn to get out of the 3D rules and into our higher dimensional deeply felt and nonphysical truths.

Capricorn Full Supermoon Astrology and Energy Forecast MessageThe Pluto conjunction with the Moon propels this exciting transformation that isn’t the typical Cap signature.  So Pluto can break through the rules and structure that this earth energy is super comfortable in.  But it doesn’t stop there.  This is a co-creation of energy.  How will you integrate the break-through energy for the path you never saw coming and leading you to adventures unknown?  Without the new practice, the old patterns live on.  And on and on.  

A new practice in the rays of this mega-illumination moon is to proceed (Cap) in innovation (Uranus) and with gusto (Jupiter).  Try something new.  Take a different route.  Change your plans WHILE they are playing out.  I can feel the Capricorns out there gasping about now, so let it go and flow.  Give yourself a new way of production.  Follow a new lead.  Stand up and dance.  Right now.  No hesitation…  How do you feel now??  I just did it and I feel… ALIVE.  My heart is beating, my breath is moving and my energy is lit up!  Now lather, rinse and repeat.  This practice is the pre-curser to the breakthroughs that are headed your way, but if you don’t have any space for them to land they may return to sender.  And if you aren’t integrating them into physical reality, you won’t reap the rewards of easeful paths and flows.

We’ve got Trining Uranus and the North Node in Taurus.  Capricorn is wonderful at slow, steady and methodical.  In this beautiful aspect with Uranus we get to see where are we moving to and how can that happen in quantum ways.  In solid, practical full-on moments of pure crystalline enlightened soul bombs.  So pay attention.  When something comes together that you didn’t think you wanted, it’s the energy coming through that works with your soul, not your mind’s construct of limitation.  Watch especially for matters of the money at this time.

Big money, unexpected possibilities, human huzzah!  HUZZAH!

So in conclusion, Mercury in Cancer got me like, words?  Together?  Making Sense?  Nah, I’ll just feel my way through the day….

How are you feeling this supermoon energy building?  What will you be liberating in this most powerful illumination of the year at this pivotal time of big shifts?  Share with us in the comments below!


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