A Leo New Moon of Impermanence and Shine!

Leo New Moon Astrology and Intuitive Forecast

Happy Leo New Moon on Thursday, July 28, 2022 at 1:54 pm EST!

Impermanence, Impermanence, Impermanence. See it, feel it, imagine it, live it and adapt with it. Then shine bright like the prideful lion that you have inside that heart of yours!

New moons are typically a time of dark, quiet and internal intention, but this will be quite the active new moon with a healthy dose of courage, playfulness and big hearted energy. Not to mention the beginning of the Mayan Calendar, Lions Gate Portal activation and a couple of big astral aspects that will continue the New Earth (R)evolution in profound ways.

So let’s get to it…. Leos do not need permission from anyone to go right on ahead with themselves and do the dang thing. With the Sun in it’s home sign of Leo we can all benefit from this energy of intensity, sovereignty rooted in child-like wonder and imagination of what could be from nothing we’ve experienced thus far.

With a Trine to Jupiter stationing retrograde in Aries we receive a beautiful hit of expanded self-love and fortitude for what’s to come. Aries and Leo are both fire signs that can really bring the heat in all the right ways when run through intention over impulse. Aries is quick to initiate while Leo is slower and more methodical so when we combine the two, we may just be set up for deeper passion and leaps that lead us from our hearts and not our heads.

Now if you’ve been paying attention to what’s goin down astrologically, ya know that we’re kinda a big deal right now. We are about to hit yet another once-in-a-lifetime aspect that again won’t disappoint. It’s the Uranus North Node and Mars conjunction in Taurus.

These energies can bring new technologies that unfold over time, huge shocks and surprises that we didn’t see coming, a fight between where we are headed in ease and what we are holding onto in resistance. Pay attention to what you are holding in your cells because it becomes what you collectively contribute in powerful ways…

Leo New Moon Astrology and Intuitive Messages ForecastUranus – shocks
North Node – collective destiny
Mars – action
Taurus – simplicity, money and steady

I’ve heard it more than once, this is the energy of break downs AND break throughs.  More of it you say?  Yep, and I say the quicker the better because we cannot live from the full light until we’ve demolished the surface.

Heads up tho.  We have a lot, a lot, a lot of fixed energy in this forecast. Fixed energy can take awhile to accept  (resist 😬) the pivot, the change, the new direction.

PSA, this might translate to some underlying restlessness as we move deeper into the oncoming Uranus power plays. Kind of like when you give your 2 weeks notice, you’re energetically done and over it, you’re ready to leap into the new, but you physically committed to staying 2 more long ass weeks.  Sometimes it becomes about the moment by moment, breath by breath and new view of the current theme.  Reflective wisdom is always your friend.

AND If we can hone into the energy of playful curiosity from our lion heart center during this New Moon  energy to solidify (integrate) it for the oncoming Uranus heat, we very well may have a blast with new ahas, quick enlightenments and lightening bolts of dannnng I did not see that comin!  Cuz ready or not, here we go!

How are you harnessing the dynamic energies and astrological alignments during this Leo New Moon?

Is it the Uranus and Mars heat?  The incoming light in this Lions Gate Portal?  Or the playful and creative energy of Leo intentions with a fire from the Jupiter trine? Share with us in the comments below!


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