An Aquarius Full Supermoon That Brings Structure To All The Right Places!

Aquarius Full Supermoon  Astrology and Intuitive Messages Forecast

Happy Aquarius Full Supermoon on 8/11/22 @ 9:36 pm EST!  The 4th in a row!

This Aquarius Full Supermoon brings structure to the acceleration, new directions and quick decisions, bold soul investments.  Full yes to the endings and beginnings. 

We may feel a little pull from the Saturn squeeze, but it’s exactly what we need from where we’ve ascended over these past two months.  Saturn is here not only to discern, but to focus our efforts.  Yay! (Yep, let’s get down with a new earth kinda Saturn)

Now that impermanence is our mantra. Yes?  Yes. We’re ready to get a bit more strategic in our action.  I heard my recent two fox crossings loud and clear….  We have the opportunity now to harness the massive power of our energy and innate guidance by taking strategic (Saturn) leaps (Mars) from quick insights (Uranus).  Work smarter not harder now from the exposure in truth of the systems grasping at power. 

We’ve been going through our personal upgrade since the Summer Solstice Stargate Portal into yesterdays Lionsgate Portal in order for us to be in the absence of fear frequency with the power of light, the presence of divine trust and big new earth timelines.

This is all for a purpose. With this Aquarius Full Moon conjunct Saturn, it is highlighting innovation in our structures, systems and sustainability of them for the collective. This is coming from the deep sovereign solidification that has happened in our light activation crystalline consciousness. 

Aquarius Full Supermoon Astrology and Intuitive Messages ForecastWhen you want to know how different you are and how deeply you’ve changed, notice how little energy or attention you have for the matrix BS anymore. For example the fixed energy debates that may be rearing their heads right now, the hamster wheel lies in the media, the bait and switch to hook us again, the drama over emotional intelligence in all interactions.  Nope.  Not anymore.  We are here to break that mold!

So with 6 planets in fixed signs the question becomes, shall we use this energy in resistance?  So shall we go high and get determined in the acceleration (which includes massive change from adaptability)? Cuz the other option is to dig your heels in and stress. Booooo to that!

Uranus and Aquarius are sudden change, new epiphanies and innovation for the higher collective. When you can release your grip and flow with the currants the bends get quicker and the ride gets easier and the joy gets normalized.

Trust what you’ve activated at a cosmic and starlight level within your cells where source energy drives your navigation system. When your innate truth is cell-realized, the root is revealed. The systems no longer syphon your power.  You become impenetrable.  Your empowerment becomes your fortress.



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