It’s A Virgo New Moon For The Mutable Vibe Win!

Virgo New Moon Astrology Forecast and Intuitive Messages with Lori Reising

Hey hey hello you sexy Virgo New Moon on 8/27/22 at 1:16 am Pst!

Let’s go with your happy know-how-to-do-it and know-how-to-do-it-real-good attitude Virgo New Moon!  We are IN. 

Cuz dang did we get worked this past week!  We just went through a lot of light pouring in during Leo season & Lions Gate that got solidified with a whole bunch of fixed energy and now we get a little nudge and flow with some mutable support.  Can we say heyooooo!?  The break in energy and movement in new ideas/intentions and renewal in your rebirth is just what we need before more excitement (a hem… growth) in these final months of 2022.

With fuuuuun Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Libra action. Literally action with Mars. We bout to share this hard won soul mission, innate medicine with the world proud and loud. This is the start to the New Earth systems. We are them. Local, sovereign, community, love. Mmmm mmm mm. 

Oh and Mars is doing a long haul in Gemini so we can have the time to use that action umph to review (in a rare and big Mars retrograde), get clear and go forth on the thoughts, translations in our brilliance instead of letting them sit and stew and circle in our minds.   We’re here into 2023!

Virgo New Moon Astrology Forecast and Intuitive Messages with Lori ReisingHow about a little more Uranus action for your accelerated change and impermanence pleasure? On the 24th this planet of enlightenment and evolution stations retrograde and gets ready to square up with Saturn for a fourth time.  Have we mastered this yet??  Let’s check in…

Ask yourself this, am I ready to let this these planets do their job and catapult me out of the resistance I may still be holding in planning, expecting?  Can I invite the wild pivots that my the Universe offers for lightning leaps, but my mind resists for the comfort from conditioning?

Take care and watch for the vibe of perfectionism, judgment and overthinking that may try to creep in. Remind yourself to sit back relax and know that you have all the tools you need to do exactly what’s in your highest good in every single moment. Oh and the Universe has your back in the moments of doubt.  

This is the opportune time to drop into your body and health with the earth energy and your precision in only the way YOU can do it.  Important reminder..  you didn’t come to do it the way others do. You have your personal perfect signature. You came to unleash the unapologetic, perfectly imperfect, bold and bright YOU.



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