A Pleiadian Serenade

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Episode A Pleiadian Serenade

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘A Pleiadian Serenade’, where I am diving a bit deeper into why I am sharing the Pleiadian light language transmissions with you instead of just the translations in our language.  I am offering more of how the channel and Intelligent Life connections feel with the different tones the interactions can take.  They asked me to continue sharing their communication to further your activation.  You may tap into something deeper in a cosmic connection or remembrance through your own interpretation, your own sensory absorption and your own intuitive hits.  As our learned and conditioned belief systems begin to soften and expand into what we haven’t experienced yet we open the gateway to a starlight origin that is waiting to be revealed deep inside our cells.  I trust that these messages are supporting and guiding you along that journey.

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