Radical Accountability

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Episode Radical Accountability
Radical Accountability

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘Radical Accountability’!

Listen, our lives will not change without our full participation in them. This world, society and culture will not change without our personal evolutions.  The revolutionary change comes from the inside… always. 

Does this mean that you have to hustle more? No, it means that you have to be intentional more. It means that we hustle less by shifting our belief in what true wealth is and from there we truly get to effort less and magnetize more. 

And here’s some great news. The more we make radical accountability, sovereignty and love frequency normalized, the more the masses begin to tap into that frequency even unintentionally. 

Yes, we, the ones who are doing the work to create this ripple effect, are the pioneers, we are the light integrators, we are the majesty accelerators. And what a cool job it is!  Embracing the shadow, receiving our truth, prioritizing periods of rest, disrupting the domination. We get to be the history makers. 

When we embrace the journey by honoring every message in its path, we make change at the root. Something that has been hijacked from our psyche by immediate gratification expectation.  We are powerful beyond measure and it’s time to exemplify those skills.

And here’s some more amazing news. There are so many options to take you to your next accountability and light frequency level. If you’re ready, you know in your cells. And if you want to galactically activate your cosmic imprint and unique celestial design through your embodied cellular human experience, join Molly McCord and I in Berkeley California for our next awakening Astrology retreat experience.  Click the link in my bio to feel the vibration invitation. Hope to see you there!

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