Pisces Full Moon | A Sweet Spot

Pisces Full Moon Astrology and Embodiment Forecast

Happy Pisces Full Moon on 9/10/22 at 5:59 am EST!

We are definitely feeling a sweet spot here, friends! Why?  Because we have been working with the Pisces energy for the past 2.5 years!

Pisces is the culmination of all the signs and energies of the Zodiac.  It is the finale of what is possible when we do the full wheel of shadow and light.  It has historically left us with a pain that we could not understand, a disconnect from this culture and an empathy that made it hard to be here.

Cut to now.  Now that you have been doing the deep shadow work, the trauma transformation and alignment practice that has led you into the light acceleration and integration, you know what the Pisces accentuation and life are holistically meant to be. 

The abundance that comes from flow, the creativity that exudes from impermanence, the divine unfolding of our lives from deep spaces of high frequency magnetization and vibration. The innate truth of our birthright of multi-dimensionality.

Pisces want to be fully seen, held and honored for who they are, even while they are swimming in different directions with a sea of chaos to move through.  They find self acceptance in full acceptance. This is the full alignment that sings to their soul in a human body that may feel tenuous often times.

Because of this, Pisces can have a hard go in the constriction of the matrix since it thrives in limitless expansion.  This contradiction can lead to dissociation and distraction with substances in order to stay. But never fear, Virgo and the New Earth evolution is near!

Virgo offers that boost of body and wellness care, along with a focus and refinement in human necessities and obligations, as well as a smattering (it is mutable after all) of grounded realities.  

Pisces Full Moon Astrology Energies and Intuitive Forecast with Lori ReisingWith this Full Moon our psychic superpowers have boundless opportunities for acceleration.  Use the Virgo tenacity to engage your higher consciousness practice relentlessly while embodying the Pisces trust that the results will land you in the now embodied fantastical places this energy wants to take you.

The Sun is Trine to Uranus and North Node in Taurus, while the Moon is sextile. These are wonderful ways to enjoy the ongoing invitations from Uranus strikes or epiphanies that may have felt too big at first and have now come down to manageable starts.  Just use caution with the overactive ideas coming from Mars in Gemini that may be keeping you from beginning at all.  Use your skills of discernment, your powers of intuition and messages of guidance to move in a firm direction and start that thread.

We also get to experience a conjunction with Neptune. It’s the ruler of Pisces and so we get to amplify letting go and letting flow.  Stepping into our new go-to and truth of aligned divine unfolding over forced grinding in our lives.  Can I get a heyoooo!?  Make sure you invite your will to follow suit…

We are moving into some deep contemplative spaces with many planets in retrograde (hello Mercury!), while still moving forward in new energies with the mutable energies that offer a softness to current evolutions.

This is an opportunity for sweet death and rebirth.  Feel into that.  We can make deep changes and easy pivots in this soft inter-dimensional frequency.  It doesn’t have to be in your face or declared as finite. You can let yourself shed and grow without “supposed to” in any direction.  You get to luxuriate in this dreamy brought to reality flowing with the currant kind of way.  Let yourself surprise yourself.

How have you been melting into this new and welcomed soft Pisces energy?  Have you felt yourself surrendering to spirit or holding to resistance?  Let us know below!


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