Retrograde Without Resistance

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Episode 'Retrograde Without Resistance' with Lori Reising

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘Retrograde Without Resistance’.  We are currently in a very heavy retrograde period with 6 planets and Chiron inviting us to revisit and review parts of our lives that are ready to be transformed.  

This topic is timeless since the planets will always voyage us through the retrograde excavation. Even as we find more light mastery and higher activations in our shadow work, we may still need reminders of why we are feeling physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally imbalanced and that it is there in divine order.  We may appreciate the reminder that we are not the resistance.  It is the thread and we are the weavers.  It is a gift that we are ready to open.

As the life force energy expands in our cells and deepens our connection with the living energy all around, we feel the fluctuations and Universal weather deep in our bones.  It is not something that we can power through anymore.  The light has revealed that dark.  It is in celebration of our ebb that we experience higher vibrations in flow.

How are you moving through this time of slow down and reflection?  Have you resisted what is ready to reveal itself?  Or are you now in the deaths of what has been holding you back in your evolution in light?  We’d love to hear your experience below!

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