An Equinox & Libra Time For Balance

Autumn Equinox and Libra Season Intuitive Messages

Happy Autumn Equinox, Libra Season and Libra New Moon coming on Sunday, 9/25/22!

As we approach our point of equal parts light and day, there is a beautiful invitation to alchemize our own internal state of harmony as well.  We are the sun.  We are the moon.  We respond to the cycles that propel this experience as seasons change and there becomes more dark than light, more internal stillness, more reflection and refinement.  This is the point where we release what is fully ready to die for the rebirth of what is is now being galactically activated.

This is the elder wisdom of our origins.  This is the guidance of consciousness.  This is the opening of the dimensions.  This is the driving source energy encouraging us toward our highest good.

Whatever has been coming up for you.  The loop.  The resistance.  The trigger.  The tapping on your soul.  It has been divinely dug up in our recent planetary retrograde extravaganza as a gift to multidimensional mastery.  So ask yourself this…. Have you resisted what wants to change or have you explored the opportunity for leaps in your journey?  Let yourself break through to break free.

You are being asked to transcend the learned limitation of produce more, sacrifice self that you’ve known by honoring, fully integrating and activating deep periods of stillness, spaces of quiet and seeds of new growth.  This is where the transformation begins.  This is where the living library of knowledge awaits your return.

Libra New Moon Astrology Forecast and Energies with Lori ReisingNature seeks balance to flourish.  We have denied this exact force that seeks to elevate us and now is the time to absolutely deliberately choose different.  When you know without a doubt that we are energy and all energy is connected through a universal life force center, you will no longer give your most precious commodity to the sensationalism scam, the duality divide, the survival loop.  You will reactivate the truth of who you are and how we thrive.  You will crave the light that propels you higher, the expansion that results from healing the wounds and the courage to trust the journey that offers you fuel in every now moment.

The Schumann Resonance has spoken.  The reset is here.  This is a monumental time of going where our minds have never gone, but our light has always been.  This is the time you go within, engage your alignment,  allow the death of the old and relentless opening for the coming of the new earth ways of light, frequency, intention and the incredibly precious belief of all that is beyond the logical mind shackles that you’ve known.


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