Astrology For Our Embodied Revolution with Kelsey Isis

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Episode Astrology For Our Embodied Revolution with Kelsey Isis and Lori Reising
Astrology For Our Embodied Revolution with Kelsey Isis

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘Astrology For Our Embodied Revolution with Kelsey Isis’.  It’s the season 3 finale!  And we are leaving you with a soul bang!

Kelsey and I go exactly where this current retrograde season is asking us to go.  We dive into the deep excavation of belief systems, the transformation in simplicity and the profound spaces that come from living with intentional alignment.  We are covering the pivotal Saturn and Uranus squares of 2021 and 2022, the divine placement of retrogrades, the transformative nodal axis of Taurus and Scorpio, along with unlimited potentials and possibilities in true embodiment practices for our human reality.  We also demonstrate the healing and evolutionary energy of fun, joy and laughter.  This is not to be missed!  No matter when you are tuning it, you are meant to be here.  Let yourself feel into the channel that flows from our souls.

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Show Notes

The human connection
South Node in Scorpio in action
Innate embodied truth
Astrology transits are building on each other
Retrograde support and transformation
The importance of embodying each higher consciousness activation
Creating the collective frequency
Belief system excavation
Visceral connection to all now
Saturn squaring Uranus in retrograde break down
Rules are BS
Rewriting our DNA
Make it simple
Divinity is rooting for you!
Daily evolutionary waves and rewrites
From reaction to response
The theme of 2022
Living affirmations
The pivotal Taurus Scorpio nodal axis
The ripple effect in effect
Mars in Gemini transit as a gift
Truth-meters for all!
Discomfort to abundance in our Taurus destiny
Defining true wealth
Rewriting the immediate gratification narrative
Efforting vs effortless
Psychic unfolding and strengthening
The reality of intuitive readings
Eclipse season is coming in hot
We are having a human experience

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