Aries Full Moon Brings A Fire Burnin!

Aries Full Moon Astrology Energies Written Forecast with Lori Reising

Happy Aries Full Moon on Sunday, 10/9/22 at 1:54 pm PST!

Can you feel the fire burning, deep in your soul, ready to blaze a trail and light your world up?! This is Aries and this is our time.

We are emerging from our retrograde cocoons in the phoenix fashion that is required of us to blaze new trails, forge new alliances and say hell YES to the dress of our uninhibited, fully expansive lives.  This is an energy of clarity, immediate yes’s and definite no’s.  Trust that and trust your intuitive majesty.

With every retrograde pause and break through that breaks us free, we level up with the permanent deaths of the old selves, the remembrance of who we are at a soul depth and the transformation that is real when we fully, unapologetically and vehemently decimate the limitations that have kept us dim.

And there is a Chiron conjunction in Aries with the Moon feels tipped more into healing than wounded at this time.  It feels like a validation of the newest revelation in your retrograde excavation.  Enjoy the magnetization in boundless creation confirmation of your continual intention over your past reaction.

Mercury is getting fired up from all angles it seems and for reals, what more could one want than a Virgo pumping discernment to energize and alchemize our thinking minds with the fuel of an Aries fire that is bursting to burn bright?  Ummm, yes please.  It will aspect Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter.  The dreamy, the power and the bold.

Now in its post-retrograde shadow we are ripe for the forward movement this Aries energy is gifting us with.  Let’s not forget that after this retrograde rebirth you are even more aligned with your truth and your light so fly high little Phoenix.  It can only take you to where you want to go in infinitely divine ways.

Aries Full Moon Astrology Energy Written Forecast with Lori ReisingWith an Air Grand Trine, it’s definitely divine time to take that new higher frequency out for a spin.  Along with Mars slowing down, it gives us a bit of a moment to sift the ideas out before blurting them out.  It’s a great time to get social, gather together, listen deeply from a higher vantage point and dive into all dat juicy inspiration.

Oh and share the impulses that show up in your field.  No second guessing, no stories, no judgements…cuz you never know what one thought, one compliment, one connection will open!

The recent Equinox and Libra New Moon solidified elder wisdom that flows through your soul.  The knowledge, the magnetization and the creation that comes from true aligned momentum can no longer be suppressed by the powers that have fed off of our disconnection.  Your cells pulsate with more light than density, more truth than distraction, more empowerment than fear.  That is our biggest guide of all.

So trust yourself and the death you have welcomed for this next rebirth that is about to pop off.  Now get to it and go remind the Universe what you are deeply, truly all about.



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