A Scorpio Solar Eclipse In A Libra Activation For Your Ride!

Scorpio Solar Eclipse Astrology Forecast with Lori Reising

Happy Scorpio Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, 10/25/22 at 3:50 am PST!

Eclipse season is in full swing and we are going for a hell of a ride.  Choose your adventure.  Hands up, ready to ride or gripping the bar, fearing the fervor.  

Scorpio is the truth that reveals itself through your cells. The body consciousness. The real deal. Trying to bypass the depth of what wants to be revealed only intensifies the sting.  Staying in your past stories will hurt much worse.

With the Venus Star Point in Libra just days before, relationships will be illuminated.  And not the generic Libra talk of ‘which relationships are in balance and which are not’.  This is a clever Scorpio spin on how deeply Libra can work.  The interactions and relationships in your life will activate what is ready to be reveled, how will you respond?  Anger, accusation, jealously and I’m right, you’re wrong (lower Scorpio stuff) OR curiosity, accountability and higher consciousness exploration (higher Scorpio stuff)?  

Make no mistake.  Venus is offering you the olive branch of higher frequency giving and receiving love in this eclipse (and personal) trigger and perhaps even from it.  Go beyond these last remnants of your learned ego reaction.  Reawaken your divine gifts of alignment, creation and transformation in every moment.

Scorpio Solar Eclipse Astrology Forecast with Lori ReisingEclipses reveal what is ready to heal, even without our invitation.  So when you get triggered in this time (because you absolutely will), how ready are you to hold the mirror up and know that it is there as an invitation?  When you stay in the same loop of reaction, accusation and anger, you are the one to deny the liberation that is waiting for your courage to get curious, be accountable and take the aligned action for evolution.  You and only you.

Go into the underbelly to excavate the goods. The transformation. Find it in the ashes as you rise into the full fire and I send a big invitation here not to burn down the bridges of those that are merely the catalyst in your healing journey… Bringing up the remnants of old world belief systems, matrix wrongs in relationship dynamics, deep wounds that have cut for years, traumas deep in your cells, karmic loops of lifetimes. Stepping into the flight of light expansion, ego dissolution and divine trust in the guidance and love of a life force energy that has always got your back.

You are strong enough for this.  You are ready.  Raise your hands, open your eyes and enjoy the ride.



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