Walking The Razors Edge with Astrologers Shannon Gil and Russell Von Ohlhausen

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Episode Walking The Razors Edge with Astrologers Shannon Gil and Russell Von Ohlhausen
Walking The Razors Edge with Astrology and Shannon Gil and Russell Von Ohlhausen

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Season 4 episode premiere all about the current and upcoming astrology, ‘Walking The Razors Edge with Astrologers Shannon Gil and Russell Von Ohlhausen’.

In today’s episode we get into the big astrology energies now, the physical reality of transformation to come and the journey of the twin flame union and much more.  Ya, we go that big.  Dive in with Shannon, Russell and I to explore more of what is unfolding for our world as we all accelerate in a multidimensional experience like never before.  We talk twin flames, the Venus Star Point, the Scorpio Solar Eclipse and current nodal axis, the Libra deacon, the Pluto return of the USA just to name a few! 

It’s fascinating how astrology has become our biggest guiding light and support as our cells wake up to the same life force energy in the cosmos, nature and all energy around us.  We are writing history right now and what a time it is.  So of course, our conversation is a big exchange for a big time on this planet.  Let’s go!

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Show Notes

Being timeless with certain times to do work with astrology
The first deacon of the Aquarian Age in Libra
Twin flame destiny of Shannon and Russell
Spirit often comes before reality
Capacity to come into full union for twin flames
The internal lover
Our frequency magnetization power
The Age of Aquarius signature
Moving to a network of consciousness in the world
Venus Star Point activation in balanced integrity
Astrology cycles and their power
The deaths and rebirths
Walk the center and walk the razors edge
The role of joy and harmony in the consciousness evolution
Complicated shadow and simplicity in light
Neutrality, compassion, embrace exchange
Eclipse energy
Acceleration of whatever is in motion
The USA Pluto return and transformation as a country
The embodiment of the new world
Changing of the guard
Pluto entering Aquarius and the acceleration of events
Understanding the root cause of blockages
Alchemy is natural
Nature’s World Order
The history of Pluto in Capricorn
Revolutionary times
The role of Neptune and illusion
Activators of the New World Order
Revisiting the Libra archetype
The 100th Monkey Theory
Jupiter in Aries in two realities
Making soul investment in mentors that speak your soul language
Shannon and Russell’s offerings
Spirit calls us where we are meant to be

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