Channeling Messages With Eclipse Power

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast with Lori Reising episode Channeling Messages With Eclipse Power Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘Channeling Messages With Eclipse Power’

The energies are potent.  The cosmos are coming in hot.  We are being invited into big deaths for even bigger rebirths at this time of eclipse power, Samhain invitations and collective energy blasts.  Those invitations may come in the form of a crisis, a disruption or even extreme discomfort.  As we continue to rebuild an earth side foundation in fluidity, adaptability and resiliency, we experience healing in new permanent ways.  We move into a consciousness evolution that is about to change this collective in unexpected and powerful ways.

We are in a nodal exit and eclipse season that is pivotal in the revelations of deception, lies and greed by strengthening the innate truth that comes from our cells.  And that leads to full belief system overhauls.  This is where the transformation happens personally and collectively.  There is no switch to turn it on, there is excavation, observation and root change.  In your mastery.

Much more to share in this episode of Uranus epiphanies, Eclipse revelations and Samhain moments.

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Show Notes

The Uranus assists
Build your light fortress
What is your Samhain and Eclipse moment?
A look at the energies we are working with
Activate your truth meter
The power of your beliefs
The intentional work you do contributes to the whole
Fixed energy awareness
Red is the root
Taurus archetypal energies
The root of how we relate to resources and security
Old world and new earth
Drop the low frequency connections
Your environment is your frequency
Channeled message and epiphany
The innate tools and support we came to Earth with
A permanent state of misalignment
Making our mastery the most important job
Live in our superpowers

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