Sagittarius New Moon For Soul Integration and Expansion!

Sagittarius New Moon Astrology forecast

Happy Sagittarius new Moon on 11/23/22 at 3:54 pm CST! 

Humans:  “Oh ma goddessssss, we are holding on by a thread out here in these streets.  It feels relentless.  We are exhausted.  We might be starting to feel the light, but for real, can we get a cosmic assist?  McFly?”

Spirit:  “What’s that you say?  You are heeding the lessons, you are surrendering to the discomfort to make permanent change in how high you can go?  You are re-writing the script and beginning to rebirth realities from your imagination instead of digging your heals in to the blocks, what ifs and buts that keep your light dim, your limitations high and your human experience disempowered?  You got the message this time???  Ok…. I’m coming in hot and ewwwww do I have some big spiritual openings for you….”

Humans:  😭😬

Let’s get spiritual!!  Let’s revel in expansion. Let’s find space, get quiet and go higher. Let’s laugh and laugh more because it feels SO GOOD to laugh. 

In this yummy and flowing new moon energy we are moving from dominant fixed energy to mutable.   Fixed energy brings the extreme discomfort for the break through. It quickly becomes a road we can no longer go down. 

It can also lend to us digging our heals in and amplifying victimhood from our past reactions and experience.  <— How easily can you recognize, surrender & rewrite?

Mutable energy gives us a flexibility and flow where new possibilities are waiting and integration can happen.  It softens the walls that have been resurrecting from lifetimes of practice.  It lets the toxins out and the nourishment in.  Be available for new solutions, strength and remembrance of your soul truth.

Never fear, fire is near.  Fire always comes in to light up what we’ve moved through and blaze new trails from what we have integrated.  So here we go with the arrow of Sagittarius (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus to be specific) with a LOVELY trine to Jupiter in Pisces (more spiritual showers please)

Sagittarius New Moon Astrology ForecastUniversal mindsets, soul deep ahas, ease and joy in our responses, expansive vantage points and forward movement….when we co-create.  The cosmos are leading us in growth and evolution, but they cannot do it alone.  We are the drivers and the planets are the maps.  We choose the route.

The next 5 new moons are at 1°. Rebirth, new beginnings, getting comfy with the true you of spiral dimensions, aligned living and soul care over sacrifice.  You choose in every energy, moment, exchange and experience how it lands.  High vibes from the transformation or low frequency in the past triggers and resistance.

Oh and just to put a . on the |, Jupiter will be at 0° for Winter Solstice, which give us an opportunity to declare our new sovereign selves that revel in the shadow opportunities and transcend in the evolutionary results for where we can go beyond the ego, the conditioning, the expectations and cultural persuasion.  You’ve been practicing and now it is solidifying.

Mars in Gemini retrograde is squaring Neptune so things may feel a little floaty and that’s ok.  Just let yourself be in the softness while what needs to surface comes with time.  Frolic in nature, move your body to open your cells, breathe deep, let meditation be your guide.

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