Nurture Your Pineal Gland Nourish Your Life

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast with Lori Reising episode Nurture Your Pineal Gland Nourish Your Life

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ’Nurture Your Pineal Gland Nourish Your Life’.  This is a quick overview of that miraculous little gland that connects us to the expansiveness of the Universal, our life force and innate souls truth.  

We dive into the reality of the matrix and power over culture in the continual assault on our greatest innate guidance and how we can physically support ourselves in our potential for healing in these bodies and physical vessels.  There are so many ways this little gland supports and guides our experience so let’s find out how it is being calcified and choices we get to make to reawaken its full power and live from our multi-dimensional abilities!

Also a quick note.  I talked about EMF’s, but didn’t mention crystals.  Crystals  have deep healing properties and fields and EMF transmission may be decreased in their presence, especially organite.  Crystals y’all.  Get more, surround yourself in them, cleanse them, charge them and live in co-creation with them.

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Show Notes

The strength of your pineal gland

Flip that script
Light avalanche
Continual assault on our consciousness connection
What is the pineal gland?
How does the pineal gland support our lives?
Current astrology energies and eclipse hits
Transformational opportunities
How deep do you want to go?
Sagittarius archetypes and energies
Let’s talk melatonin
What happens when you prioritize sleep
We are all experts
Who are you giving your energy to?
The calcification of our pineal gland”
Holding the potential for possibilities
Decalcifying the pineal gland
You follow your belief
The innate guidance for birth

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