Gemini Full Moon For Solid Foundations and Galactic Activations ✨

Gemini Full Moon Astrology Forecast and Energies with Lori ReisingThe Gemini Full Moon is coming 12/7/22 at 10:08 pm CST!  And it’s a peak invitation for your final luggage check before you board the upgraded train to galactic wonders.  

Feeling a bit of a reprieve?  Just in the nick of time??  Read on…

We have been hit with a hard retrograde period again and in more intensity than ever, Mars in Gemini being front and center.

With more light than ever, we feel and move through the astral weather in a sensitivity that can only come from the incoming truth from our cells, revelations of corruption and deliberate creation in our birthright of sovereignty and ease.  Which is exactly why these periods of invitation and excavation hit faster and hit harder, take us deeper and darker and create more discomfort to break the ties.

With the planets stationing direct one by one, we experience a little more clarity, a little more ease, a little more hope, a lot more inspiration as we feel the tethers snapping, the momentum building and we go higher bit by bit.

Neptune is now direct, joining the Jupiter party, along with a galactic center activation on top.  Mercury hits 27˚ Sagittarius on December 5th and Venus on the 8th.  This is the center of our galaxy in the Milky Way, where consciousness, the realm of uncondition, the eternal life force energy that inhabits all is.  We find the full unencumbered truth of our soul in this opening.  We hear the messages of our innate sensory language get louder.  Pay attention.  There is still work to be done.

Mars retrograde conjuncts this full moon with a levity and a density. All wrapped up in full Gemini fashion. We move forward, we feel restricted, we find expansion, we get hit in old triggers.  We come back to our alignment, we get pulled out by our experiences.

Gemini is the twins, the duality, the contrast, the gift of our human experience that is unity consciousness when used in love, not in power.

How do we unify rather than polarize?  How do we rise above the heavy energy that dominates our fields from fear wielded for power?

Gemini Full Moon Astrology Forecast and Intuitive Energies with Lori ReisingBe aware, get quiet, observe, reflect and strengthen the foundation of who you came to be, rather than desperately repairing the cracks of who you were trained to be.  Utilize the light messages coming in to complete the retrograde work for the higher consciousness frequency acceleration that is arriving soon with Winter Solstice and accelerating after the final planet (Uranus) goes direct on January 22nd, 2022.

Earth is rebooting, we are revealing what has lead us astray, the cosmos are reawakening our starlight selves.  How open your eyes are is how deeply you have dropped into your senses and soul language.  The innate life force awareness that has always been with you.  The gas is your consciousness.  Your consciousness is your intentional death of what you’ve absorbed and rebirth what you know.

So as we feel the soul get rebooted one by one, energy by energy, know that it is divine time to step deeper and more deliberately in your heart and higher perspective as you shatter those honestly tired shackles of the mind that have kept you small in ego, in sacrifice, in stories.

Have you found the gift in response over the tension in reaction through this heavy retrograde period of personal excavation?  Have you stepped into the mastery with the cosmic tides over the resistance of them?  Are you staying with the lessons, learning through this full moon in a space of trust for the incoming enlightenments to fuel galactic rebirth activation?

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