You Do Not Need Plant Medicine

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode 'You Do Not Need Plant Medicine'
You Do Not Need Plant Medicine

Welcome to the Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘You Do Not Need Plant Medicine’ coming out to remind your mind of the profound spiritual intelligence that your body is equipped with.

This is not a podcast dissing plant medicine.  When used with intention, reverence and sacred guidance, plant medicine can be very powerful.

This is a podcast about full informed consent, which is the knowledge that we have not even scratched the surface of just how wildly powerful these bodies are in accessing the deepest consciousness expansion and transcendent experiences.

Instead of continuing to rely on or give our empowered attention to something outside of us that can have very real physical aftereffects, especially as we run on more light than density in our cells, let’s talk about moving deeper into our unique innate medicine that is the guidance system put in place to keep us well.  Run by frequency, elevated by belief, accelerated by practice.

Everything is heightening.  We have galactic reactivations happening in our cells as we move higher in our human consciousness acceleration.  Consumption is changing along with our cells.  You are the one who can take yourself there.  And the trail is being blazed in all of your intention, curiosity and inner transformation.

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Show Notes

What is even better than plant medicine?
The underlying belief systems that may be running
Your birth experience and the impact it has
Limitations of talk therapy without somatic exploration
We are ushering in high frequency states
Our planetary support and co-creation
Invitation energy
Your body is the tool
You are made to protect yourself
Getting unstuck with support
A cascade effect through the solo unfolding
How does your healthcare team support you?
By factors of altered consciousness states
Healing states powered by us
The huge benefits of plant medicine in acute situations
The placebo and nocebo effect

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