Capricorn New Moon Brings Form In Frequency

Capricorn New Moon Astrology Energies and Written Forecast with Lori Reising

Happy Capricorn New Moon 12/23/22 at 5:17 am EST!

Deliberate. We have been becoming unbelievably deliberate. In our truth. In our wholeness. In our soul care. In our innate healing. In our internal expansion. In our power. And the Capricorn New Moon brings form to the formless.

We have been in VERY deep transformation of core wounds and imprints during this intense retrograde period.  And we are moving into a new go-to in frequency upgrades.  

With Chiron in Aries stationing direct after a long period of surfacing the wounds that have in many ways become our identity, we get the opportunity to reawaken the limitless being that has been suppressed along the way.  

The tethers of each planet’s lessons and intensity are releasing one by one until we move into all planets direct by January 23rd.  It’s been long.  It’s been dark.  It’s been relentless.  It wants you to go to the deepest spaces to clear out the nooks and crannies.  The cosmos are the catalyst, we are the choosers of how far we will go, how long we will stay and how much trust we find in the process.

This is the pain, the depths of our deepest darkness, the reality that we are not only the ones that have held ourselves in those chains, but also that we are the only ones that have the power to shatter them.  So stay with it.  The reprieve, the aha, the liberation is near.

Capricorn New Moon Astrology Energies and Written Forecast with Lori ReisingWe are in ALL of the new beginning and rebirth potential.  This new moon is the second of five in a row at 1˙.  Jupiter lined up at 0˙ and 7 minutes of Aries on the Winter Solstice Portal and 2023 is a 7 year, bringing heaven onto earth.  You are the bridge.  You are the path.  You are the creator of the new vibrational reality in physical form.

There will be a very distinct shift in the transcendence of old entanglements and sacrificial living as we move forward from here.  We are going to be downloading the codes of unshakable self love and higher consciousness unfolding in human experience.

The earth regulates itself. We are now remembering the wisdom in regulating ourselves as well in this deep primal syncing of life force encoded energy together.  Stop, drop and roll into the earth.  Hug that tree, merge yourself, fly together.

I invite you in this time of intentional quiet to prepare your mind for the new energetic rules you are writing. The new daily inspirations that enliven your time instead of the previously known time sucks that served as distractions and ultimately syphoned your light.  2023 is an activation of galactic proportions…if you choose…

What is your biggest revelation from the retrogrades in this New Moon energy??  Share with us below!


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