Cancer Full Moon To Stay Soft For Upcoming Acceleration ✨

Cancer Full Moon Astrology Forecast and Intuitive Messages with Lori Reising

Happy Cancer Full Moon on 1/6/23 at 6:08 pm EST!

You are doing it.  You are continuing through the dark of our year.  The period of quiet and rest.  Our reflection for the expansion.  Going within to transform for the acceleration without.

This Cancer Full Moon asks us to follow the feeling, stay with the flow.  While the world around you wants you to push, find the radical alignment within you to honor where you are, what is coming through and the dissolution of the time it takes to uncover the root.

The more we do it, the more that will tap in, the more that will attune to the innate messages and guidance rather than stay in the conditioned (capitalistic) patterns.  We change these commodified rules.  We accentuate the earth and cosmic seasons of support.  We alchemize the divine magic that has been disconnected by the fear touted in a system that has been consumed by power.

With Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Gemini retrograde still underway, it is the perfect opportunity to cozy up on the couch, light the fire in the hearth, wrap your arms around a tree, move your body in slow ways and feel the depth of what is wanting to propel you for your mastery in this tangible, physical experience. 

You may be working through the stings of what has been unleashed in the rare Mars slow down over the past few months.  Stay with it!  Find the internal ahas that need no one or no thing outside of ourselves to reawaken our knowledge and reactivate our innate truth.

Cancer Full Moon Astrology Energies and Intuitive Messages with Lori ReisingThis full moon highlights two very profound, very prominent areas of our life.  Home/family/roots in Cancer and work/production/recognition in Capricorn. This is the time to shine the light on what is not in balance or harmony, how you can find the path within to make the changes that will ripple into the energies you are experiencing and bring the two into your highest timeline and adaptability for the inevitable evolution that 2023 is rolling your way!

We’ve got a square to Chiron and Chiron has been upending who you are, what you do and who you didn’t even know you came to be.  In the sign of Aries, the pioneer, the warrior, the great unfiltered, we have hurts, challenges and how we operated through others eyes coming up.  Let yourself feel the blast without the reaction and with the reflection.  This is where we continue to discover our self-identity beyond the sacrifice.

A trine to the South Node offers gifts of depth, of inquisitive energy and relentless revelation when we say yes instead of wait, I’m not sure I’m ready.  And a sextile to the North Node asks us to take the action into what is being offered through simplicity, space and earth wisdom.  

When we follow the ease in present energies rather than push through based on arbitrary dates, we find the acceleration that is waiting to propel us forward without the resistance of fearing the feeling forever.  Don’t push now so that you can fly forward later, beautiful soul.  

The full moon at 16˙ reminds us of where we are headed with our 7 year and heaven solidifying on earth, when we do the work.  We are the gate keepers and they are ready to be light blasted open from the frequency that you are now living more from in your soul mastery!

How far can you go into the full light of what is being illuminated by being comfortable in this offered period of dark for powerful transformation from the sovereign soul of you that has been emerging in your raw, vulnerable, beautiful truth?


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