2023 Astrology Changes Everything

2023 Astrology Changes Everything with Lori Reising and Kelsey Isis, The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast
2023 Astrology Changes Everything

Welcome to the Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘2023 Astrology Changes Everything with Kelsey Isis’ coming out to speak to your cells of where we are headed and how profound that journey is.

Join Lori Reising and Kelsey Isis for an inspiring and fun light party of what is on the horizon for divine co-creation with consciousness, light mastery and the big astrology shifts that are about to go down.

We are on the precipice of changes that are beyond what we have ever known or conceived of. We are the creators, the innovators, the ones who come together and shift narratives and paradigms with our alignment and soul truth. We are ushering in the golden age for generations to come.

Let’s do it by dropping in every time we share the vibration and frequency into being. Kelsey and I invite you into the portal that activates every time we exchange!

We talk channeled themes, numerology, Pluto in Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces, the nodal change and 4 eclipses! ⚡️

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Show Notes

Channeled Themes of 2023
Egypt Portal Power
Retrograde Transformation
The Numerology of 2023
Pluto In Aquarius
Real Life Results In Action
Saturn In Pisces
The Nodal Shift
4 Eclipse Energies

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