Unplug In Power

Unplug In Power with Lori Reising of The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast
Unplug In Power

Welcome to the Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘Unplug In Power’ for the ultimate guide in our innate medicine and wisdom for nervous system regulation and the ability to thrive in a world that resists.

What if we had been raised to care so deep for our nervous system that everything else magnetized from there?  How would it feel to make the intentional transformation in that power now?  And what could transpire when enough of us believe, commit to and practice this in every experience and interaction?

A whole new earth, that’s what.  And I am here for it.

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Show Notes

2023 Astrology
A planet we have never known
Geomagnetic earth rebirth
Working with specific cosmic support
Mass consciousness is shifting, it’s happening!
All planets going direct power
We are accelerating through timelessness
Unplug in power process
Normalizing a healthy environment
Unplug in power checklist
Move into the divine unfolding
Explore core wound
Sink into the gig of being human
Find mentors that vibe with your frequency

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