Aquarius New Moon In Light Acceleration

Aquarius New Moon Astrology Forecast with Lori Reising

Happy Aquarius New Moon on 1/21/23 at 3:53 pm EST! 

Can we say heyyyyyyoooo Aquarius!?!  We are getting some big hits of the new and old, of quick change and fast acceleration.  And we are ready.  Correction, we are SO ready.

Why?  Because you have allowed yourself to fully be in the dark, you are now sitting with a blank canvas from new information, new energy, new alignment and full on transformation.  You have come back time and again to dig deeper into the lessons, the learnings and the self reflection of what only retrogrades can do. You are integrating and alchemizing the strength that remains after the entanglements have been transcended.

This is the 3rd new moon at 1˙ of five in a row.  Are ya gettin the hit yet?  The new for YOU that is hell bent on coming through!?

So let’s get back to all of this Aquarius!

The New Moon, Sun, Saturn, Uranus to be specific.  Let’s break it down.

Saturn is at its final degrees of Aquarius and this is actually go time.  Saturn moves through each sign for around 2.5 years.  The first year is the squeeze, the challenge, the illumination of what isn’t working.  The second year is the rebirthing and rebuilding.  We are adding the star on top of our Aquarian masterpiece in our Saturn lessons.

The New Moon is an opportunity to dream big and plant hardily.  The Sun’s kiss adds a boost of illumination on your independence, innovation, collective care and higher blending of all things spirit and supportive things technology.  With a big burst of electric energy!

Aquarius New Moon Astrology Energies and Update with Lori ReisingAnd let’s not forget the finale….  Drum roll please… Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius AND the final planet in a long list to STATION DIRECT in this retrograde parade of the break down for the break free.  It happens on 1/22/23 and we could feel a burst of Uranian quick change as the planet finds it’s momentum mojo again. The sun, the moon and the final degrees of Saturn are making it real smooth and easeful to hop right on that light train to get STOKED for the surprise stops that are comin your way!

We are in go-mode for the next three months, we are direct, we are fierce, we are fired up.  We are getting a big pre-astrological new year light burst to be growing all that fully takes root with the wishes you crystalize in this power packed new moon energy going down right now. 

The solar flares have been pouring on this planet and into our cells for limitless possibilities that come from the light that we integrate.  We are talking X-class for X-treme (r)evolution.  Your heart gets super-charged after your mind has been excavated and your triggers explored.  Clearing out the density sure looks good on ya!  Now go and get that life that you came here to create you beautiful being you. ✨✨✨

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