Pisces New Moon For Floating and Freedom

Pisces New Moon Astrology Forecast with Lori Reising

Happy Pisces New Moon on 2/20/23 at 2:06 am EST!

How does it feel to float with gravity??  That’s where this Pisces New Moon at 1˙ and the Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces on 2/15 want you to be.  But don’t worry!  The Saturn Cazimi hot on its heels assures you that you definitely won’t float away…

We are now rocking and flowing with the all planets direct vibration, which is offering a much appreciated (and needed) levity to our experiences, even though we may not be at the full tilt action acceleration just yet.

Mercury has left its shadow period, while Mars is still in his until March 15th.  It’s a ripe time to sit with all the new ideas and inspirations that are rollin in with excitement and passion for the collective, your friendships and in your raw truth with technology to dial it in before the Mars forward call to action.

There are lots of changes coming for acceleration.  I feel them rumbling under the surface, I see them appearing in our sky and we are really low key prepping prior to the party.  Our cells continue to rise above what vibrates low, what manipulates for greed, what serves only few.  The backups are strengthening and soon we will make the choice for a better humanity with the adaptation for ourselves.

A healthy reminder right here…energy comes before matter.  What energy are you marinating for the next physical creation??  And also, any system in place is only there because we give it power.  Correction -> EVERY system.  We are here to live new realities, to flip the weaponization of money and change the dominant narrative.  So dream big in the vibrant artistry of formlessness in how expansive we are designed to go.

Pisces New Moon Astrology Forecast with Lori ReisingSo ya.  We are doing some deep ‘get ready to rumble’ drop ins through the slow, easy, mindful and quiet reflections right now.  Which translates to… Thank you Pisces for inviting us to go soft while the final degrees of Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn bring what we’ve learned to a head for implementation or for contraction.  Free will, you choose.

This is the way of water.  This is the flow of life.  This is the reflection that brings the strength.  This is our no thanks to forcing and our hell yes to ease in the unfolding and permanent change found at the root.

Aquarius is galactic, Pisces is spirit and we are infinite.Trust, grasshopper.  Trust that exactly what you need, absolutely how you will thrive is coming when you ask and is limitless when you listen.  There is a new excitement in no longer subscribing to the old, the tired, the stress, the effort.  

Let yourself break free instead of hustle harder.  Let yourself trust that the frequency of sovereignty and love grows stronger in our consciousness.  Let yourself remember that life shouldn’t be so hard.  Let yourself live a new experience that was never in the plan.  Let yourself follow the surprise instead of the known.

Cuz we be building to a big change and your true soul self is fortifying the foundation for standing strong in softness and living well in light

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