March Astrology Is About To Pop Off, Part 2

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast with Lori Reising episode 'March Astrology Is About To Pop Off, Part 2'
March Astrology Is About To Pop Off, Part 2

Welcome to the Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘March Astrology Is About To Pop Off, Part 2’ with Lori Reising.

The energies are alive!  Can you feel the frequency brimming with unlimited potential?  Saturn is now in Pisces, Mars is making big moves and Pluto is about to toe-touch into Aquarius at 0 degrees, the very space of unknown and uninhibited energies.

Over the next two plus years we will be experiencing pivotal shifts in our personal lives and the collective, while each influences the other!  Four outer planets will be moving into new signs and bringing a new flavor for change.    The deeper you go, the wider you open and the more intentional you are, the quicker the ease and ultimate truth.  Your truth.  Your purpose.  Your power. When you are equipped to move with the astrological tides, the earths transformations and the lights messages, ascension is inevitable.

We are not here to live in the limitations of judgement, shame or dimmed light.  We are here to reawaken the light within these vessels and revolutionize our experience for the medicine and reality we chose this experience for.

Today we drop into the reality of Saturn now in Pisces and the energies that have opened, as well as some really activating Venus, Jupiter and Chiron conjunction and the next chapter in the Mars unfolding into the beginning of Plutos rebirth for the collective, higher technology and true power, which is love.

I’m dropping a bunch of energy around retreat spaces to normalize the gathering of souls in an accelerated frequency for the truth of how elevated, enlightened and amplified living becomes in deliberate presence and soulful circles.  We are the ones that decide what to normalize.  Conscious or unconsciousness, intentional or habitual, whole or un-whole.  Who’s ready and who is with me???

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Show Notes

Sacred spaces
Saturn in Pisces
Walk your talk
Embody vs. Intellectualize
3 Steps of Co-creation
Ley line activation
Empowered action
Self love at your center
Chiron joy!
Liberation invitation
Mars in Cancer
Ancestry revelations
Pluto in Aquarius
Getting the results
Dominant Narrative
Empowered people
Surprise pivots
High vibe technology
Follow the feeling find the truth
Power of people
Living with our nature

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