Trust Your Feeling? WTF

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast with Lori Reising episode 'Trust Your Feeling? WTF'
Trust Your Feeling? WTF

Welcome to the Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘Trust Your Feeling?  WTF’ with Lori Reising.

This is an episode to explore a recent comment I received on a clip from the last podcast episode ‘Pluto And You’.  It felt important to share my own feeling journey in response or reaction and a heck of a lot more on absolutely following our feelings!

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Show Notes

The origin of this episode
The big astrology energies now
What an astrology reading could open
The superpower of feelings
Quick planet energy overview
Chiron in Aries wound work
Present moment momentum
The YouTube comment that sparked it all
Response vs reaction
The root of our innate guidance system
What we have normalized in this collective
Every human is here with an offer
Observe and confirm magic
Good vs bad feelings
Root exploration
You are a magnet, your feelings are the guide

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