Getting On and Off The Doom Train

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode 'Jumping On and Off The Scarcity Doom Train'
Jumping On and Off The Doom Train

Welcome to the Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘Getting On and Off The Doom and Scarcity Train’ with Lori Reising.

Join me for a quick check in on what happens when life does not go “according to plan” and we find ourselves on a reactive loop of scarcity and doom that leads to worst case scenario and future fearing.  I share with you an experience I am currently navigating, as well as the big shifts that I intentionally dropped into to transform my response.

Spoiler alert:  I am still navigating this new path that has suddenly presented itself in my world as my goals all are re-arranging right along with it so this is an ongoing and vital practice to keep my spirits high and my resilience dialed in.

Much more to share in this podcast episode of The Raw and Wild Hearts!  The audio player can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Doom spiral

Future fear

Scarcity selling creates disempowerment

How do we respond to being derailed from our expectations

Quick self-assessment

A personal journey today through the doom transformation

The internal struggle

The crisis point


Practice dynamism

Transcending the scarcity double down

Finding playful energy in intense situations

The importance of balance in every part of our being

Take a nap!

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