Our Galactic Citizenship Acceleration with Tracy Kumbera

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode 'Our Galactic Citizenship Acceleration with Tracy Kumbera'
Our Galactic Citizenship Acceleration with Tracy Kumbera

Welcome to the Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘Our Galactic Citizenship Acceleration with Tracy Kumbera’ with me, your host, Lori Reising.

Let’s take a deep dive into your multidimensional skills and how to hone them in very tangible ways. You came here with an innate language that you use way before the thoughts and words ever come out!

Tracy Kumbera is an Intuitive Soul Coach located on the ley line of Sedona, Arizona and we have a fantastic drop in to share ways that we have developed our intergalactic communication and really just a good ole ‘what’s this thing called life’ convo! I know you are going to get some fantastic nuggets and divine inspiration from our time together!

Settle in and blast off with us! Let me know in the comments below what created an “aha” for you or what confirmed what you already knew but may have been overriding with your thoughts! Let’s support each other in the continual growth and acceleration of our true majesty as light beings taking these earth bodies out for a big ass journey!

Much more to share in this podcast episode of The Raw and Wild Hearts!  The audio player can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Floods of change
Consciousness arrives beyond human expectation
Gaia’s support
We are powering up
The sage and the novice
Saturn in Pisces revelations
Cracking wide open vs slow sustainability
Experience over outcome
A unique unfolding
Honing skills with specific practices
Infinite evolution
Observe and confirm
Energy is at your fingertips
The natural drug of choice that we’ve never had
Empowering one person
Thank the ego mind
Moment by moment
Soul experience awareness
Faith in where your soul is leading
“Do I want to make this into an experience?”
Going deeper through fear frequency
Expanding beyond instead of fighting
Faith and trust, baby!

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