Manifestation Is Hard

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast with Lori Reising episode 'Manifestation Is Hard'
Manifestation Is Hard

Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘Manifestation Is Hard’ with Lori Reising!

Today we are diving into the reality of manifestation work.  We are naming the hard parts that are also the reality of this human gig in this wild energy ride otherwise known as the collective.

There’s a reason you are hearing all about manifestation from those called to guide and that is because the planets are setting us up with big co-creative assists to drop into our best manifestation tools that we came here with!  We are amplifying the belief in limitless possibilities with the North Node in Aries that wants to catapult us to great heights… when we participate.

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Much more to share in this podcast episode of The Raw and Wild Hearts!  The audio player can be found at the bottom of this page and the show can be found on all podcast platforms.

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Our reality is not our thoughts
Name it based on what we have absorbed
Pluto is ramping up the energies and discomfort
Control and our root
We are here to become masterful
First part of manifestation
North Node in Aries
What are you practicing?
Ho’oponopono prayer
Generational mindets
Stories that we build
Follow the feeling
The joy of manifesting!
Free “Manifest Like A Champ!’ Mastermind
The missing ingredient of many masterclasses

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