The Nodes Of Fate, Fatigue and Reprieve

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast with Lori Reising episode 'The Nodes Of Fate, Fatigue and Repreive'Welcome to The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast episode ‘The Nodes Of Fate, Fatigue and Reprieve’ with Lori Reising!

We are feeling overwhelmed and fatigued.  Changes are happening on a collective and personal level like nothing humanity has ever experienced before.

Since the Summer Solstice we have been doing overtime with the integration of all the new light that has been pouring onto the planet while fielding the energetic chaos that is rippling through the systems that we have known as normal.  Our nervous systems are having to attune to brand new frequencies and yes, it’s a big deal.

This is what we signed up for.  We decided to come down here and be the light line holders by not only staying on the precipice of what we have not experienced before (which is found in the discomfort of leaning into the unknown), but by jumping and trusting the wings we have been growing over these past few years!

The Nodes Of Fate are changing signs in July 2023 and this is going to activate the confidence of taking inspired action in the innate guidance transmissions that come through for our ease, our best, our highest and our ability to thrive in this experience.  We have been worked by Scorpio in the South Node and it is delivering us in truth and authenticity to where we are going next in our destiny and soul journey.

I hope this episode gives you the witness, the honor and the knowledge that we are accelerating our consciousness and the possibilities for all of humanity and the generations to come!

Much more to share in this podcast episode of The Raw and Wild Hearts!  The audio player can be found at the bottom of this page and the show can be found on all podcast platforms.

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Humanity is exhausted
We are on the precipice
Growth is found in the discomfort
Pluto is doing it’s job in big ways!
We hold the light line
The Nodes Of Fate are coming in hot
Body consciousness is the key
Manifestation is our birthright

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