It’s Time To Blow That Box Up!

YESSS I said it, and it is absolutely time to blow that box up!

What boxes? What am I talking about? Let’s get into it!

Within the year, I have set out on a self-publishing journey of my children’s books where I now have four books available for the world. It was a huge step that at the time did not even think was possible. Why? Because I was limiting myself and my mind was SO focused on linear thought. I was waiting on a publisher to accept my manuscript and I continually felt STUCK…stuck inside of a box!

Of course I thought about the self-publishing route, however; I did not believe I had all the tools necessary to move forward in that way. I was holding on to limiting beliefs that perpetuated stories of doubt, unworthiness, and FEAR. Fear that this passion and dream would only be shared with my journals and close friends.

Insert my mentor, teacher, guide and #1 cheerleader, Lori Reising, who loud and clear told me to, “Blow that box up Lacey!” It was literally the most exhilarating, fire starting energy that came into my soul where I KNEW that I could do it!

Have you placed yourself in a box?

So often we fall into boxes because of social constructs, beliefs, and how we were
raised. You go to school, you get a job, you have a family, you follow the “rules” and call it a day. When we build up these stories about what we “SHOULD” be doing instead of what we actually WANT in our lives, we limit ourselves, staying small inside of a box.

Where are you staying small? Why are you not shining your light as bright as it can be?


As I stepped into the new world of being an author, it was actually difficult for me to say it out loud to people. Was I still an author if I self-published? I didn’t feel like an “author”.

WTF does that even mean, right? But it was what I was saying to myself due to those limiting beliefs that came with being inside of a box for so long. I was still thinking I had to be a certain way. And now, I’ve been blowing those thoughts up every chance I have when they show up because I KNOW that I can be alllllll the things! I show up being my authentic self and the light beams out because I know I am not limiting myself to what I can do!


We are NOT meant to stay small and confined within a box. We ARE meant to evolve, create and become holistic within our lives. YOU CAN BE SO MANY things and there are NO rules to what that looks like!

We can continually learn and grow, breaking through what no longer serves us to be the UNIQUE beings that we are on this planet. Our uniqueness is our SUPERPOWER because no one can do it like YOU!


As we learn and grow, we are paving the way and being an example to our children.
Think of how a child feels when their true unique self is recognized and appreciated.
There is a lot of noise and limiting beliefs that children are faced with and when we can BE THE LIGHT and guiding force for them to confidently step into their power and their own authenticity, we all elevate!

We can all do the work of learning, reflecting, and giving space for self-worth and self-love. Doing so allows for us to be grounded, compassionate and inspired throughout our day. Children are our bright future and when we break through our own boxes, we EMPOWER and LEAD them to great things!

What makes you unique?

Are you making a difference in this World?

Trick question, OF COURSE you are making a difference in this World! Remember to shine your light bright, blow up those boxes, and stay limitless!


Lacey Boucher is a guest author for and the blog of Lori Reising.


Lacey Boucher, Children's Book Author

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