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Lori Reising
Podcast Host, Soul Ascension & Intuitive Guide, Trauma-Informed Bodyworker, Pelvic Floor Therapist, Childbirth Educator

Lori Reising is the founder of The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast, Awakening Your Life Force Retreats and Beginning Within Therapy.

She has been in therapeutic practice since 2001, offering support and guidance in cellular trauma and embodiment, soul activating hypnotherapy, New and Full Moon gatherings, energy work, intuitive messages, Epigenetics and destroying this programmed culture of fear. She lives in and works with our elemental nature, the astral support system, body consciousness, cellular wisdom, knowledge and the Divinity within that is your birthright. You can find her under the magic of the sun and moon, living in and with nature, stoking your passion over Instagram, riding waves of the ocean or the peace of lakes, working on her converted van home, and learning from her special needs animal sidekick every single day.

She studied under and assisted world-renowned visionary John F. Barnes since 2001. In 2010 she completed her Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Certification at The Institute For Therapeutic Learning in Seattle, Washington.  She later presented her well-received workshop Get To Know Your Pelvic Floor at the Annual HypnoBirthing® Conclave in San Antonio, Texas in 2018.  She offers online Holistic Soul Care Sessions and Birthing Consults, which allow her to work with people worldwide.  Lori also offers a unique retreat opportunity in several locations per year.  By combining a safe space to connect with others on a path of discovery where we peel back the strongholds of trauma held in the body, along with pelvic floor education, self-care techniques, dynamic flow exercise class and surfing lessons she has created an utterly transformative week that will take your life in directions you may not have ever thought possible!  Through her podcast she provides an invitation to her Wild Heart Revolution, which is one of destroying this culture rooted in fear to uncover the unconditional love and divinity we are meant to thrive in.  Her mission is to explore the vast expanse of humanity by embracing all that we are and all the ways we can live in our full and divine selves.  She is currently working on her no holds barred book on childbirth to help return it to it’s true roots, which is the access point to gentler and healthier communities, as well as an exciting book that will dive into the possibilities of Rebirth and Reawakening in our lives

Lori came into the world energetically and spiritually sensitive.  She has maintained a deep knowing of the divinity and magic of humans in connection to our ancestors, the stars and Spirit since beyond the womb.  Being a child of the Universe, her driving force for humanity has been one of connection and alignment of all. The lower vibration of fear and scarcity in our culture has never resonated in her soul.  She has always been in relationship with her claircognizance and is dropping into a deeper alignment of other spiritual gifts as life continues to unfold.  Coupled with the transcendent space of emotional cellular releasing in Myofascial Release and her ability to “know” raw multi-dimensional truths, she hopes to share this space of body-mind-soul alignment with you.

As is the journey of a human life, though, Lori has seen the depths of the most intimate despair during hers.  Her 30s were a journey of heartbreak and pain as she experienced the tragedy of her first daughter being born still.  From there she was hit with the continued devastation of losing her health, her next pregnancy and ultimately her marriage.  It seemed her heart died with her children.  For a decade she lived the fluctuation of extreme grief and bitterness, but also the sliver of hope that there could be a life of joy somehow for her.  Beginning the long road back to life, Lori drove her two cats across the country and started over from scratch.  She poured herself into working with fertility and pregnancy supporting other people on their path to family, even amid the dwindling hope of her own.  While no one could help her extreme illness, she never stopped researching and becoming her biggest ally to get back to health and balance.  The years of healing were long and excruciating much of the time. A very deep abandonment wound from her own adoption experience has emerged as a critical piece in this difficult puzzle.  Her journey of truly looking at and exploring the trauma of her lifetime and that of her ancestors has led to the most profound sensitivity and awareness of who we are in all of our divinity.  Clawing her way back to life, even with the pain of living it without children of her own, she has so much experience to share with you on this truly raw and tender human experience and the joy of finding a beautiful life again.

From Lori:

We are in the fluctuation of life struggles.  Fear culture, economic hardship, emotional shame, violence, trauma. We are all constantly healing and the self-help culture can sometimes produce feelings of inadequacy, inaccessibility or pressure. We have a lot of dark around us all the time, but we are being called to the light. We are entering a big time of soul growth and expansion. It’s time to move toward our soul’s mission. Welcome to mine!  By following this call to podcast, I hope to support you in following yours. Through these conversations I hope to find strength, healing and humor from each other, as a community. We are made to thrive together. 

I have been curious about the personal and cosmic evolution or lack there of since I came into this world.  I began my therapeutic practice in 2001 and have relied on an equal exchange of desire for wellness in body, mind, spirit with whomever finds their way to me.  I believe in accessibility to expertise and unapologetic living.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and have never succumbed to immense cultural and community pressure to get quieter.  I do not fear that which reaches into our deep emotional well.  I do celebrate that which elevates us and brings the light.  I believe laughter is medicine, emotions are for exploring, status quo is boring and that people are meant to thrive.  I have a deep interest in uncovering pathways toward enlightened living while in these painfully raw human lives.  I was born to believe in magic, our connection and you!

My wild heart revolution is a call to love, unconditionally, in all of our differences, messiness, mistakes and imperfection. Let’s elevate human consciousness and begin to tap into the power we are all given here on earth.

We will talk about the experiences we all share, but that we tend to navigate in isolation, as well as relatable topics that amuse and even delight us.  Our culture has a big fear of being intimate with pain and struggles. We have a lot of judgement surrounding that which makes us uncomfortable, but when we normalize the things that scares us, we chip away at the fear and gain a much higher perspective and understanding. Join me in the ancient tradition of story telling, where we will honor community, experience and elder-based wisdom while utilizing modern technology to create a worldwide network of human enrichment.  

My blind wild heart sidekick kitty Beezus the Brave is in eternal dark, and after a life of constant struggle she shines her light brighter and brighter every day. Let’s lift each other into this kind of resilience in this brief human form we get to inhabit together. And let’s enjoy the heck out of each other along the way.


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What People Say

“Lori has magical energy and a wealth of information!!!  Won’t Disappoint!!!”

Carol M.


“The conversations are for expanding the heart, asking the tough questions, and continuing the learning journey. Lori is phenomenal!!!”

Kadie B.

I am absolutely certain anyone who goes with her will leave with such a powerful gift. 

Gina S.


“Lori is deep and magical with a lot of spice..along with intelligence and great humor.”

Kelly H.

“Sometimes you need a little guidance in your life. Lori makes a great guide!”

Keri A.


“PODCAST recommendation-

The Raw and Wild Hearts -I finally found space to listen this am and let. Me. Tell. You…….I had a smile the entire ride, I laughed out loud, I celebrated with you, I felt your heart”

Raquel B.