About Lori

Lori Reising
BA, CHT, LMT, Trauma-Informed Bodyworker, Pelvic Floor Therapist, Childbirth Educator, Writer, Traveler

We are in the fluctuation of life struggles.  Fear culture, economic hardship, emotional shame, violence, trauma. We are all constantly healing and the self-help culture can sometimes produce feelings of inadequacy, inaccessibility or pressure. We have a lot of dark around us all the time, but we are being called to the light. We are entering a big time of soul growth and expansion. It’s time to move toward our soul’s mission. Welcome to mine!  By following this call to podcast, I hope to support you in following yours. Through these conversations I hope to find strength, healing and humor from each other, as a community. We are made to thrive together. 

My wild heart revolution is a call to love, unconditionally, in all of our differences, messiness, mistakes and imperfection. Let’s elevate human consciousness and begin to tap into the power we are all given here on earth.

I’ve always run my practice on accessibility and lived my life out loud.  I also wear my heart on my sleeve and have never succumbed to immense cultural and community pressure to get quieter.  I do not fear that which reaches into our deep emotional well.  I do celebrate that which elevates us and brings the light. 

We will talk about the experiences we all share, but that we tend to navigate in isolation, as well as relatable topics that amuse and even delight us.  Our culture has a big fear of being intimate with pain and struggles. We have a lot of judgement surrounding that which makes us uncomfortable, but when we normalize the things that scares us, we chip away at the fear and gain a much higher perspective and understanding. Join me in the ancient tradition of story telling, where we will honor community, experience and elder-based wisdom while utilizing modern technology to create a worldwide network of human enrichment.

We all have a story and every story counts.  

My wild heart sidekick Beezus the Brave is in eternal dark, and after a life of constant struggle she shines her light brighter and brighter every day. Let’s lift each other into this kind of resilience in this brief human form we get to inhabit together. And let’s enjoy the heck out of each other along the way.

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What People Say

“Lori has magical energy and a wealth of information!!!  Won’t Disappoint!!!”

Carol M.


“The conversations are for expanding the heart, asking the tough questions, and continuing the learning journey. Lori is phenomenal!!!”

Kadie B.

I am absolutely certain anyone who goes with her will leave with such a powerful gift. 

Gina S.


“Lori is deep and magical with a lot of spice..along with intelligence and great humor.”

Kelly H.

“Sometimes you need a little guidance in your life. Lori makes a great guide!”

Keri A.


“PODCAST recommendation-

The Raw and Wild Hearts -I finally found space to listen this am and let. Me. Tell. You…….I had a smile the entire ride, I laughed out loud, I celebrated with you, I felt your heart”

Raquel B.