Beezus the Brave


Wild Heart Sidekick, Bringer of the Light


Living in a dark world, this sweet soul shines her beacon of light as bright as can be. Beezus the Brave had a rough go at life as one of the unlucky ones to find themselves in horrific circumstances. She lived her first 5 years in pain, without freedom and in the dark. The result became her loss of sight. Along with forty other animals, Beezus finally found an angel who rescued them from their situation. Soon many people swooped in to save these animals at the mercy of humans. From that moment on, she would only know how it feels to be fully cared for, protected and unconditionally loved. Beezus went through transitions, travels, surgery, treatments and kindness over the next several months until one day, Lori walked in. Not even looking to adopt at the time, Lori was almost magically driven to the shelter, immediately to Beezus. She answered the call and somehow, someway their journey began. It would be several weeks and a few visits until Lori would bring a healthy Beezus home…or so she thought. Within an hour of becoming a family, Beezus suffered a seizure. Traumatic for them both, her new momma worried her adventuring lifestyle may be too much for sweet baby Beezus. For the next 24 hours Lori cried and cried without her and in the end would not let fear win. Being without Beezus was much more traumatic than anything that would happen with her. They were reunited and began Beezus’s final transition. Unfortunately Beezus suffered another seizure within three weeks. A blow for this tiny little body after all she has physically suffered throughout her life, but her mom is determined to find the new angels to help get to the bottom of this one, too.

Beezus has the spirit of the wild heart revolution! You can find her purring in the laps of podcast guests, cooing through conversations, playing outdoors with the joy you see in children, coaxing her mom into a game of tag, making friends with squirrels and birds alike, going on van rides for errands, exploring the outdoors in a tent or van and healing everyone in her path. Her struggles have been great, her resilience is even greater. She hopes to spread a little joy to your day, put a smile on your face and help make your own struggles a little lighter.

Beezus would like to also be an ambassador for animal abuse awareness and rescue animal adoption. If you see animals being treated with harm or neglect, report it. There are so many people out there that want to help these sweet souls. If you’re looking to add the joy and love of an animal to your family, adopt don’t shop! There are many sweet babes just like Beezus waiting to rescue you, too.

To see Beezus’s rescue story go to our channel at Youtube

To learn more about the sanctuary that took Beezus and the others in visit Cat Alliance Team Sanctuary