The DNA Light Code Activation Meditation

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Did you know that you are the key to your most powerful health and wellness?

How can you activate your superpowers?  (Literally)

Where do you think intentional action, curiosity and time care can take you?

What does it feel like to be the Creator of your life?

Welcome to a soul-centered offering from my Higher Consciousness to yours.

This 30-minute guided meditation and hypnotherapy track is designed to support you in remembering, reactivating and reigniting your innate healing potential, intuitive wisdom and Source Energy within your cells.  It is an intentional guide into a flow state where you have the power to access your birthright of creation energy and powerful Light Codes within your cells, as well as create immediate physiological shifts that result in a states of greater vibrancy, health and holistic wellness.

Just some of the immediate and lasting benefits may include
deep, restful and healing sleep states,
DNA awakening and activation,
nervous system recalibration,
stress disruption,
pain and symptom reduction,
cell detoxification
health vibrancy and resilience
centering and grounding
shifts in anxiety and/or fear states
feelings of happiness and joy

All for 10 bucks!  Yassss!  You read that right, 10 bucks to elevate, align and deepen this human experience in magnificent ways just by pushing a button, being intentional and available, Babes.  And yep, I agree, you should definitely share this page far and wide, your cousin is going to thank you for it immediately.  This is how we develop ripples in the chaos.
We tune in, tap in and share!

I’m in! Investing in myself NOW!

If you’ve been paying attention to the spiritual shift and personal development that’s been taking this planet by storm lately,  you know that it is when we embody the feeling and belief of any potential that we manifest it into creation.  But it can feel a bit confusing as to how exactly we do that since we’ve been born into and raised in an environment that has denied that imagination, trust and adaptability by keeping us buried in past “failures” (and the belief that failures are negative.  Spoiler alert, they are all part of our journey to our greatness when we allow them) or feared future expectations.  Those thoughts emanate that energy and create a much longer and tumultuous path to our goal than if our creating energy, innate wisdom and miraculous abilities had been fostered through our lineages.

As a trauma-informed Bodyworker, an Embodiment Coach, a Ritual Facilitator, a Pelvic Floor Therapist, a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Childbirth Educator for the past 20 years, I have extensively studied the psycho-physical association effects that fear, chronic stress and institutionalized systems have played on our entire human experience.  Our lights have been dimmed without our consent or often times knowledge.  The holistic self has an infinite ability to heal, to remember and to create.  Maybe you find yourself at this crossroads without knowing how or why you are here.  And now you have a choice.  To continue in a system that has been dismantling your greatness in  a subconscious, yet powerful way or choose to actively engage in a practice of remembrance, of alignment and of love.  And do not mistake, it takes practice, Beautiful One.  When the system continues to thrive and destruct and scare and marginalize and and and…  It is within a strong centering and creating practice that carries us through the times of triggers, wounding, shadow and challenge. 

I have created this particular meditation and/or hypnosis to support you in rediscovering your innate intuition and wisdom that is your birthright, deep holistic health, and astral and elemental connection.

I have intentionally made this affordable and accessible for all to contribute to the collective rising of light, sovereignty, kindness and love.
I am proud to share the gorgeous trance-like musical rhythms of Brandon Watts, solo creative, entrepreneur and small business owner.

I’m all in! I want to buy it now!

Check out how others have already benefited from adding the DNA Light Code Activation Meditation into their practice!

Early praise for the DNA Light Code Activation Meditation:

“That DNA Light Code Meditation was so powerful!  It took me to a deep place of relaxation that was hard to come back from.  I felt like it was reprogramming me on a deep level.  Thank you for putting it out there!”  Amy R.

“I listened to it twice last night and fell asleep both times! This morning I went for a pain-free walk for the first time in a long time so I listened again and fell asleep!”  Mary R.

“The meditation was so good that I fell asleep and slept so well!  I do remember shooting tons of light out of my crown, though!  I loved walking down the stairs, too.”  Daria M.

“I just got done with it for my second round…so good!  I absolutely loved the ending.  It seems I drifted last night after the DNA visualizations.  Thank you for this powerful activation!”  Sarah C

Want to hear more?
The video below is a bit about my heart-centered offer for the elevation of our experiences, our collective and our planet.


Absolutely, I can’t wait to do this!


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