Transform The Shadow, Uncover the Light

Are you ready to remember your divinity, drop into your mastery and reignite your soul’s contract?

Are you ready to awaken your fire within?

You have been led here from a benevolent Universe that is conspiring to unleash your majesty and Lori Reising is here to do it with you!



Lori Reising, Star Channel and Sacred Medicine Woman



Star Medicine Channeler 

My guides share that I am heaven on earth, I am heart, I am open, open, open.  They have protected me and supported my human stay to share the healing through consciousness, through universal language, through sensation, through individual interpretation.  I am here to serve as the conduit, like the body, for those that are ready to connect to the divine in unexpected and previously unexperienced ways.  I am here to get your cells stoked on the magic and power we arrived here with… I am here to reawaken the quantum field and life force energy found in your deepest and most potent self for the human evolution underway at this exciting and accelerated time in the Universe.



You may find yourself right here right now because…


You feel your cells coming online through energy, nature and light

→You know there is more

→You want to feel your birthright of joy and ease as a human having a Divine experience no matter what is happening around you

→You feel the untapped potential rising within your soul

You want to recode your cells, strengthen your psychic abilities and connect to the cosmic and astral planes

→You are no longer available to live in sacrifice

→You are ready to uncover your soul’s purpose, path and greater calling →Your body consciousness is craving deeper connections, exchanges and experiences

→You understand that you are vibrational being

You’ve been guided by a series of impulses and intuitive hits that led you here for a divine purpose far greater than what your linear mind thinks you came for

→You want to make quantum leaps into alignment, manifestation and lov

→You are over living in ego drama, division, limitation or stress and are ready for full liberation into the creator energy, abundance and full light that you came here to thrive in 



You, beautiful soul, are exactly were you are meant to be.  You didn’t come here to play small or dim your light. It’s time to unleash your greatness in THIS WORLD. Let’s get to IT.


Welcome to the Wild Heart Revolution with Lori Reising!

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast with Lori Reising


Welcome to The Raw & Wild Hearts Podcast

A place where the raw, the unfiltered, the wild hearts gather to celebrate triumphs and hardships, learn from each other, grow together and break down a culture rooted in fear. We will talk, we will laugh and we will access our profound hearts through everyday life experiences that we could all use a little support in and then we’ll bask in the wild magical beings that we are. We will acknowledge and embrace our struggles and transform them into strength.  Let’s raise our wholeness and the vibration of this planet together, soul to soul, without judgment or fear.  I was born to believe in kindness, magic and YOU! My philosophy is that by embracing the dark, we may just let in the light! I am your host, Lori Reising. Star Channel, Retreat Leader, Embodiment Guide and Sacred Medicine Woman! Along with my wild heart sidekick kitty, Beezus the Brave, we’d like to invite you to get excited about the WILD HEART REVOLUTION!
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What people say!


Lori is an intuitive healer with a strength in asking hard, thought-provoking questions that can make you dig deep into your life and come out a better human.  Also, she strongly believes in laughter as medicine and her laughter is seriously contagious!  I promise you, Lori will keep you engaged, thinking and wanting to be a better human!
Sarah Crystal, Improve Through Food

Your enthusiasm is palpable and contagious!  I enjoy the way you invite your guests to lead and then go where they take you. It’s clear that you take great joy in your work!
Louise LeBrun, Wel-Systems

Lori is devoted to her WILD HEART and calling in unconditional love!  She brings awareness to our culture’s fear of being intimate with pain and struggle.
Nancy Bell, Say It Out Loud Productions

My new favorite podcast.  If you haven’t listened yet, you’re blowing it!  Great work, Lori! Lisa G.



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