Keynote Speaker

As an intuitive Keynote Speaker, 

Lori delivers evolutionary truths from a deep place of honesty, vulnerability and raw, unfiltered passion… for being human, for having this experience and for rediscovering the majestic potential we all arrived here with





Topics & Workshop

  • Mindset
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Manifestation/Magnetization
  • New Earth Light Work
  • Non-Physical Light Language Channeling
  • Cellular and DNA Recoding
  • Psychic Development & Strength
  • Pelvic Bowl Power
  • Ceremony & Ritual
  • Evolutionary Astrology
  • Embodied Ascension
  • Sacred Sound Journeys
  • Guided Meditation
  • Astral Travel
  • Soul Journey, Alignment & Ascension
  • New Earth Soul Business
  • Frequency, Energy & Vibration
  • Embodiment, Movement & Integration

What my clients say

It was an incredibly cathartic event clearing and healing.

Being a soul coach and speaker I have spent decades on stage and with clients and I have to say Lori is the most engaging and dynamic on stage I have yet to see. It’s like she reaches out and holds each person’s heart and soul in her hands, supporting them fully while opening their minds to higher truths about themselves and the Universe.

Tracy K.

As seen in...

1 Lori
2 Lori
Awakening Astrology Retreat
Moving Up The Chakras Hawaii Retreat with Nancy Bell
Body Mind Spirit Expo with Lori Reising
HypnoBirthing Conclave with Lori Reising

What my clients say

Claude C Testimonial

"Revitalizing and Life Changing"

When I arrived to the Sedona Creative Life Center for the Awakening Astrology Retreat I had no idea what I was about to experience. I didn’t have any previous knowledge of Lori until the event. When Lori spoke for the first time on stage I immediately became captivated and inspired by her energy as well as her raw and pure vulnerability, so much so that a raw and vulnerable part of myself that I did not know was laying dormant became activated. Each time Lori shared with us her pure authentic “medicine” more parts of myself became more alive!

When we began the unwinding ceremony Lori, to my complete surprised, called me to the stage to be an emotional and spiritual protection and conduit for the powerfully positive light that was being omitted from the group. The more light they sent towards Lori and myself the more intense the unwinding was. As she began to further allow herself to be purely vulnerable as she purged and healed, the more vulnerable and comfortable I felt in my divine masculine to display pure emotions from my divine feminine essence. I have never experienced such raw, pure and genuine flow of healing love energy before. When we were finished I felt so cleansed, lighter and freer. I also realized that by Lori allowing herself to be authentically and radically vulnerable in front of all of us that it allowed me to express a part of my authentic and radical vulnerability that trickled down to all of those in attendance to feel free and be vulnerable and authentic for themselves!

All of this was unknowingly needed and caused a collective activation of healing and light work within us all! I am so thankful and grateful to have been a part of such an amazing retreat and to have experienced the amazing healing medicine of the wonderful Lori Reising. Thank you ❤️🙏🏾"

Claude C.

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